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Bretzeln – A German specialty

As Oliver made beer from scratch, this of course calls out for making our own Bretzeln as well. Bretzeln come from Southern Germany and for some reason they do not master the skills in the Northern part. So I might be up for a challenge. Time to practice Bretzeln baking skills. Since I do not posses these skills I had to do a bit of Googling and found a recipe in German. Continue reading “Bretzeln – A German specialty”

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Snickers cake

For my 40-some birthday I received a package from my friends Karin, Susan and Suzan. Along with cards and  great knutsels* they also send me a book with the title “Chickslovefood” and the subtitle “cook with five ingredients or less”. These friends I have known for the greater portion of my life, so they know what I like!

I was immediately inspired for this years birthday cake as I love chocolate and like to cook from scratch. After last years chocolate explosion (a definite must try as well) of course my cake will have to include chocolate and preferably not be too complicated, so a snickers cake with five ingredients sounds like the perfect cake to me. Continue reading “Snickers cake”

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Recipe: Steamed Beef Dumplings

We just ate our first dumplings almost a year ago and it has not taken long before it turned into one of Kai’s favorite foods.

At many of the Dumpling places you can see the cooks preparing them, so after stopping at every dumpling place to see what they are doing, we found it time to try and make dumplings ourselves. From scratch of course. Continue reading “Recipe: Steamed Beef Dumplings”

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Recipe: Kartoffelpuffer from scratch

As Willemijn has remarked earlier, it is a pretty dreary and cold winter in Melbourne at the moment, with lots and lots of rain. In other words, a lot like winter in the Netherlands.

And the one thing associated with winter in Europe is Christmas, and the Christmas markets that are so popular and wide-spread in Germany. And from there it is only a small step, via mulled wine, to Kartoffelpuffer (Google translates them as “potato pancakes”, making obvious that this is something so German, there is no proper English term for it). Continue reading “Recipe: Kartoffelpuffer from scratch”

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Recipe: Beer (almost) from scratch

As you can see from the multiple recipes about different foods on this blog, we like making things “from scratch”. It is a lot of fun to understand, how some of the stuff you usually get from a bag are actually made, and to do this yourself.

So, naturally, when some of my colleagues told me that they were going to brew beer, I was all ears and asked whether they had use for an apprentice brewer in their group. Continue reading “Recipe: Beer (almost) from scratch”

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Recipe: sourdough bread

I always find that there is nothing better than a fresh bread from the bakery, or even better, a home made bread that just came out of the oven. Well, maybe our soft chocolate tart does get close.

We used to have a bread machine, but the bread comes out as an unattractive block with two holes in the bottom. So after using that for a couple weeks it ended up sitting in a cupboard, hardly ever being used again. Continue reading “Recipe: sourdough bread”

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Recipe: pumpkin pie

Pumpkin is one of my favorite foods. It has not always been, my love for pumpkin comes from my exchange year in America. My host family, John, July and Julianne, were so generous to let me be part of their family for a year, over 25 years ago.

To my great pleasure, Australia is also a pumpkin country. So here I can indulge and explore all the new-to-me kinds of pumpkins. Continue reading “Recipe: pumpkin pie”

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Recipe: Tomato sauce from scratch

As mentioned in the pizza, and the pasta recipe we make our own tomato sauce from scratch as well. Kids proof, easy and delicious! Usually we make quite a large batch, let it cool down, divide it into portions using zip-loc bags and put them in the freezer. This way we always have a portion on hand when needed. Continue reading “Recipe: Tomato sauce from scratch”

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Recipe: homemade pizza from scratch

Pizza. That perfect slice of dough, topped with tomato sauce, cheese and anything else your fridge has to offer. It might not be good for your body, but its great for the soul. And it tasts heavenly.

At least if you don’t buy the deep frozen stuff, that almost always tastes like cardboard and old socks.

So here is our way of preparing this most famous of Italian dishes from scratch. Continue reading “Recipe: homemade pizza from scratch”