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Waking up with a bang

A car driving into a house, that is one of those things that you hear or read about in the news, not something that happens to you in real life, right? Continue reading “Waking up with a bang”

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Renewing a Dutch Passport in Australia – Part 2

Luka and I were standing on the train platform in Sydney Central, five km away from the consulate when we heard the announcement ” the next three trains will terminate at this station”. After having been traveling for four hours already, were we really going to miss our appointment now? Then the next announcement came through: “There is a car on the train track towards Bondi Junction”. That did not make our situation any better… Continue reading “Renewing a Dutch Passport in Australia – Part 2”

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Living Abroad and Culture Shock

Culture Shock is the psychological disorientation that most people suffer when they move into a culture that is different from their own. It’s natural and healthy.

-Geert Hofstede-

For us the Australian life style has been very easy to adapt to in many ways. Always people there to give you a helping hand even if you do not ask for it. The easy going life style and having random chats with complete strangers on an almost daily basis. The international background of almost every one you meet.

Living in a new country comes with joys, opportunities and challenges. However one of the things that everyone is bound to experience is culture shock. Life abroad certainly has its ups but at times also has a few downs. Continue reading “Living Abroad and Culture Shock”

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Cost to fill a house in Melbourne

Although an empty house is a perfect playground, according to our kids, we do prefer to be able to sit down while eating. So when we arrived in an empty house five months ago we had to start looking for furniture, appliances and lots of other practical stuff.

When moving from Europe, from a complete house full of everything, you wonder how much can actually bring along with you. And if you don’t what it would cost to buy it.

Continue reading “Cost to fill a house in Melbourne”

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What health insurance do I need in Australia?

Of all the preparation for our overseas move I found solving the health insurance-puzzle the most complicated one. From figuring out how it all works to finding the right balance between getting appropriate cover and not paying an enormous amount. So that is why we share our personal experience on this matter. Continue reading “What health insurance do I need in Australia?”

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Flight bagage when moving overseas

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Four people and a new life in Australia. How much of your ‘old’ life can you take along with you on a flight? A post about being creative with luggage allowance, items that we are glad that we brought, items that we should not have taken and lessons learned. This is our experience. Continue reading “Flight bagage when moving overseas”

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Where to live with children in Melbourne?

The question: “what is the best place to live in Melbourne with children” was one of the most important questions that we had when we decided to move to Australia. “Why did you move to Mount Waverley” is also the most commonly asked question that we get here. So here is our story. Continue reading “Where to live with children in Melbourne?”

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Tips and practical questions – moving to Australia

When we were in the process of weighing the pro’s and con’s of moving to Australia and after we made the decision to follow our dream a lot of practical questions came into our mind.

We have answered questions from our personal experience:

I think many of these questions will be questions that most expats will have before they move or right after they have moved. We found rather little answers to/experiences about these questions. Maybe because you sort these things out once and then forget about it as quickly as possible. Or they end up at the bottom of a blog, where they can hardly be found.

You can google just about anything, but we were looking for practical experience from other people. You do find a lot on forums, but you have to go through so many pages. One of the goals we have with our blog is to inspire or help others with the same dreams or plans.That is why we made the plan to include as many tips and practicalities on our blog and keep them accessible. They are all based purely our personal experience.

If you have any more questions about moving to Australia , feel free to leave a comment or send us an e-mail and I will try to answer them and add them to this list.