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About to break a record

Looking at the weater forecast we will not only face a hot week, it looks like we will also be breaking some (personal) records. The highst temperature ever measured in the Netherlands was 38.6 degrees in 1944. If the predictions are correct we will be getting close to 40 degrees by the end of the week. So I guess no white christmas for us this year….

How do we prepare? We fill the freezer with ice cream, load up the ice-cube maker and put the swimming pool up in the garden.

Our house quickly gets warmed up, or cooled down, to the outside temperature, so I wonder how we will get through this week. The children are in their last week of school and Oliver is at the office. I might have to look for a job a bit quicker, so I can also stay in an air conditioned office.

According to the locals this is just the beginning, as temperatures can go up to about 47 degrees! Luckely this is Melbourne and temperatures can go down as quickly as they have gone up, so it will cool down again.

Wish us luck!


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

4 thoughts on “About to break a record

  1. Ihr findet doch bestimmt eine Shopping Mall mit Air Condition – oder einen Hairdresser, oder …. Immer noch besser als hier bei bleigrauem Himmel und ca. 10 Grad Weihnachten feiern! H.-W.

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