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Changing schools – part 2

As we posted previously we are considering a change of schools for our oldest. Kai was already bouncing when we first saw a glimps of him at the first ultra sound and that has not changed a bit after a came out. He just loves being active, so a sports school is right up his alley.

This tennis school for grades 5-9 is in our vicinity and after the principal convinced me that the school curriculum is nothing less than any other primary school, this sounded like a golden opportunity for him. Not only learning, but also playing lots of tennis during school time.

After last weeks trial week the teachers and the tennis coaches gave him the green light, so the final decision is up to him.

As it is a big decision we let him sleep over it, but it was clear that his mind was already made up. He has not expressed himself in many words, but it was very obvious to us that he had a blast!

Kai will be moving schools next term.





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6 thoughts on “Changing schools – part 2

  1. Wat geweldig voor Kai,dan kan hij zijn energie goed benutten,Heel veel plezier op je nieuwe school hoor,!Dikke knuffel Opa en Oma…


  2. Super leuk Kai!
    Wanneer start je precies op de tennisschool? Veel plezier en succes!
    Groetjes, Susan


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