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Snickers cake

For my 40-some birthday I received a package from my friends Karin, Susan and Suzan. Along with cards and  great knutsels* they also send me a book with the title “Chickslovefood” and the subtitle “cook with five ingredients or less”. These friends I have known for the greater portion of my life, so they know what I like!

I was immediately inspired for this years birthday cake as I love chocolate and like to cook from scratch. After last years chocolate explosion (a definite must try as well) of course my cake will have to include chocolate and preferably not be too complicated, so a snickers cake with five ingredients sounds like the perfect cake to me.

This recipe comes out of this  Dutch cook book made by two friends who have their own food blog chickslovefood. I did not know the blog before, but it is great, so if you can read Dutch, do check it out! Otherwise just look at the pictures, guess a little and see how far you get…

Ingredients snickers cake
-1 bag mini snickers, 12 pieces was sufficient
-225 gram white sugar
-4 eggs
-200 gram butter + 30 gram for the topping
-250 gram self rising flour

Oven temperature: 160 degrees
Oven time: about 60 minutes

The cake:

Only five ingredients needed for this cake

Take half of the snickers and cut them into 6 pieces:


Then put the eggs in a bowl:

Add the sugar:


And whisk these together until smooth and a bit airy:


Melt the butter:

Add the melted butter with the eggs and sugar and slowly add the flour and don’t forget a bit of salt. Oh, that makes six ingredients….does it not get too complicated now?

Before you poor it into the baking tin, carefully add the snickers pieces and bake it in the oven (60 minutes, at 160 degrees).


The topping:

Melt the butter and the remaining snickers in a bowl that you place in boiling water (au bain marie as the French named it), keep stirring I found the snickers to stick together for a while, but they did fall apart after a bit. Let it cool  down a bit and pour it over the cake and let it cool down completely, if you can wait that long.

And the result:


The greatest thing about this cake is that you can also make it with bounty, mars, twix or use your personal favorite (local) candy bar, like cherry ripe in Australia or PS chocolate bar from South-Africa.



* knutsels is Dutch for crafts



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6 thoughts on “Snickers cake

  1. Wat is het nu jammer dat je deze taart niet voor ons kunt maken 😪. Tja .. zal ik hem toch zelf moeten maken (uiteraard ook geen straf).

    Misschien met M&M’s caramel. Schijnt iets nieuws te zijn en erg lekker. 😋🙃

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