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Zumba Masterclass

Today was the last instruction day of 2015 for our Zumba instructor ‘Eduardo’ at our gym. His last lesson was a 1 1/2 hour Masterclass for which he invited several guest instructors. One of them being my very own husband Oliver!


‘Eduardo’ is a multi-culti Australian, he has a (temporary) Latino name and an Asian appearance. He is a fun instructor and I love to go to his Zumba classes. I like his choice of music and he gives his classes a very good vibe.

Eduardo introducing the crew that is responsible for my musscle ache.

Why Zumba is like chicken soup

What I like best about Zumba?  It is like chicken soup. It is made everywhere in the world and yet no two soups are the same. Every instructor can add their own flavour to the work out. The best instructors are the ones who bring out their own personalities and stay close to the music that they like. It hardly feels like a workout, although after two hours of Zumba I do feel every musscle in my body! I am not looking forward to tomorrow…..

The Masterclass

Eddie found seven very diverse instructors and put a lot of effort in preparing the Masterclass. Next to Eduardo the other instructors were Eddies example and inspiration to become a Zumba instructor  ‘dancer José’, ‘Conga Nickey’, ‘Ukraine Antonia’ ‘always smiling Patty’, Latino Linette’ and my ‘German Oliver’. It paid off as the class was very full with more than 50 people there.

Oliver did two of his songs: the Charlston inspired  “That man” by Caro Emerald and the country style “Save a horse” by Big and Rich. Yes, you can Zumba on any type of music!

It is hard to give an impression of a Zumba class through pictures or words. So if you have never tried Zumba before, male or female, go to a try out lessons and give it a go!

Over 50 people waiting for the work-out to start.
And the cool down almost two hours later ( sorry, I was busy in between…)



Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

11 thoughts on “Zumba Masterclass

  1. Erst in Sidney Pflaumenkuchen essen und rennen und dann in Melbourne alles wieder abtrainieren – ist das ein sinnvoller Mitteleinsatz? Wäre es nicht besser gewesen, sich auf den Rücken legen und genüsslich verdauen?;-) Trotzdem: Super. H.-.W.


    1. You should! This indeed was more tiring than a regular class. Normally you have one instructor whose energy also goes down a bit after a while. Now we had seven who were giving it their all when on stage.

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  2. Wat enorm leuk zeg en actief van jullie ook. Ik denk, dat ik in Spanje toch eens een keer ga meedoen dit voorjaar! Zag, dat het op de camping gedaan werd, maar ja…toch war drempelvrees denk ik… Liefs, Marijke


  3. Dat moet een goede sfeer gegeven hebben. Bij ons op de sportschool worden soms Zumba-party’s gegeven, maar vaak kan ik dan niet. Gaat Oliver nu meer les geven?
    Liefs .. Karin


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