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38 things we want to do in Australia

Since we are living in Australia now there are certain things we just want to do, see and experience while we are here. We made ourselves a list of things to do, in random order.

  1. make friends
  2. experience the outback 17-7-2018
  3. see Australia’s Big Five
  4. find out if there is one
  5. attend a wedding  √ 28-1-2017
  6. go to the movies √ 1-5-2016
  7. make our new home into ‘a home‘ √ 24-7-2015
  8. find out what a true ‘barbie’ is (don’t know if this bbq counts… 23-8-2015)
  9. have a barbie at one of those ‘hot plates‘ √ 10-3-2017
  10. picnic in nature
  11. go hiking √ 30-8-2015 (but that was just the beginning…)
  12. see Uluru (Ayers Rock)
  13. go to Darwin and surroundings
  14. go snorkeling on the Great Barrier reef
  15. go diving around the Great Barrier Reef √ 16-7-2018
  16. swim in the ocean √ 1-1-2016 (Actually, this was not the first time in the ocean here, but the first we blogged about.)
  17. see the opera house in Sydney √ 26-11-2015 (Well, sort of. I still want to go inside and have a closer look.)
  18. drive along the Great Ocean Road √ 24-1-2016
  19. go on a hot air balloon ride
  20. ride the Melbourne City Circle tram
  21. go to a wine estate √ 24-6-2017
  22. bake a typical Australian cake/cookie
  23. spent Christmas in a bathing suit √ 24-12-2015
  24. see a Kangaroo in the wild √ 31-10-2015
  25. eat Kangaroo √ 2-8-2015
  26. not hunting and killing it myself √ 2-8-2015
  27. see a kaola in the wild √12-1-2016
  28. not eat one √12-1-2016
  29. understand Footy
  30. find a job √7-7-2016
  31. Kai and Luka learning the language √ 2-8-2015
  32. go to a footy match √ 28-8-2016
  33. find a gym, in the process of finding one 27-8
  34. survive +40 degrees √ 19-12-2015
  35. wear shorts, sandals and socks
  36. or rather not
  37. see as many of the 80 per cent of the plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs in the wild that are unique to Australia and are found no-where else
  38. or try to complete the list at Victoria’s Healesville Sanctuary

This list is probably still incomplete, but it is a good starters list for us.

39. Visit Canberra, the capital of Australia
40. Visit the relatively undiscovered Kangaroo Island
41. Walk from Bondi Beach to Bronte



Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

13 thoughts on “38 things we want to do in Australia

  1. May I invite you to add to your list a visit to Canberra? You could do a balloon flight here as well as seeing some of the best that Australia has to offer. Canberra can be a challenge if you don’t have a local guide so if you should come please feel free to contact me and my wife. We are a retired couple and have time to introduce people to Canberra.


    1. Thanks! I think we will have to start to extent this list, 38 things is way not enough in this enormous country. Besides being the capital city, what is interesting in Canberra?


      1. Canberra has a great deal to offer! There is the Australian War Memorial which is Australia’s most visited tourist desination. It does not glorify war, it just states the facts about what war is really like; utterly horrifying. We also have the National Arboretum which is unique in the world as it is home to forests of trees from around the world, not just a few examples of each type. It is a new establishment and many of the trees are far from being full grown. There is a spectacular visitor centre with cafe and restaurant and an incredible view over Canberra and Lake Burleigh-Griffin.

        We have the “new” parliament house which was opened by the Queen in 1988. It is built into a hill near the centre of the city and is quite spectacular, particularly when inside the buried building. The National Museum of Australia is worth a visit as is the National Art Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, High Court of Australia building.

        And then there is the natural environment in which Canberra is built. Should you ever come to Canberra my wife and I would be very happy to guide you then stand aside while you discover the city and surrounds.

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      2. Thanks a lot for your info. Canberra is now added to our list. Thank you so much for offering to be our guide in Canberra, we would love that!


  2. great list! just wondering, which language/s do you children speak? is English something new for them? How are they coping? I’m curious to know because we’ll be moving back to Europe and learn a new language in a few months.


  3. Wir finden es ganz toll, dass wir hier in der Ferne ein wenig an Eurem großen Abendteuer teilnehmen dürfen! Wir lesen immer sehr gespannt Eure Meldungen.
    Ihr habt Euch ja eine umfangreiche to-do-list zusammengestellt.(Bestimmt wird Euch im Laufe der Zeit noch mehr einfallen..). Nicht wenige der aufgelisteten Punkte haben wir bei unseren Reisen auch ‚abgearbeitet’. Es lohnt sich !!!!! Vielleicht helfen die neuen Eindrücke den Kids – und auch den Eltern – dabei das Fehlen des Vertrauten und der Freunde etwas leichter zu verkraften.
    Zugegeben: Wir beneiden Euch immer noch ob Eurer Chance, während wir gerade üben australische Sommertemperaturen auszuhalten. Das Thermometer zeigt 43Grad im Schatten.
    Liebe Grüße von uns beiden. Erfolg in allen Bereichen wünschen Euch,

    M.-D. und H.-W.


  4. Dat is inderdaad een grote to-do-list 📋. Maar uhm .. wat zijn de big five van 🇦🇺? De Afrikaanse big five heb ik op 1 na gezien, maar zou niet weten wat de Aussie-variant is. Ik denk dat Kai z’n draai wel vind als hij eenmaal op school zit. Veel plezier met het afwerken van jullie lijstje ✔️. Liefs .. Karin


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