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Changing Schools – a year after

When people ask Kai what school he goes to he responds that he goes to a senior college. This is usually received by surprised faces, as he just turned 11 and Senior college starts in grade 10, so for 16 years olds.

Is he an extremely bright kid (of course he is, he is our son…duh…) that skipped five years? What is the story? Continue reading “Changing Schools – a year after”

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Primary School Sport in Victoria

Melbourne is a city that hosts a lot of major sports events, so there is great enthusiasm in both watching and participating. That love for sports gets seeded very early on in Australia. Next to the normal sports hour in school, there are after school sport activities, sports days and inter school sports – competitions against other schools.

In the almost two years that we lived here, Kai has qualified for some of the school teams, so we got to see what the competition is like. Here is our experience. Continue reading “Primary School Sport in Victoria”

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Athletics Day 2016

Today was no ordinary school day for Kai, but a day filled with athletics. Since July, the start of this quarter, he is at his new school where the Athletics day is different from other schools. Since there are not many students at his Box Hill Tennis school they skip the school competition and all go straight into the District competition. They could choose two events that they wanted to participate in and almost all of them got to run in the relay at the end of the day. Continue reading “Athletics Day 2016”

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Essex Heights – Land Down Under

As we have blogged before, Essex Heights Primary, the school that our kids go to, has a large music program. They put on a Showcase every year, where the students show off their skills on violin, flute and marimba.

Last year, one of the teachers had the idea that it would also be fun to do something with dancing, and they put together a dance show for the parents. It was such a success that they did it again this year. Continue reading “Essex Heights – Land Down Under”