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The best way to see Australian Wildlife

Of course the best way to see Australian wildlife is to go on a road trip. But if you would like to see more animals in one day a zoo or a sanctuary are a good alternative.

We started with the three Melbourne zoo’s, the general Melbourne Zoo in the city, Healesville Sanctuary for the Australian animals and the African Weribbee Zoo, but recently we discovered that the sanctuaries can be a great place to visit as well. Moonlite Sanctuary is one of those places. It is about an hours drive South of Melbourne CBD, towards the Mornington Peninsula. A great way to encounter the unique Australian wildlife in just one day. Continue reading “The best way to see Australian Wildlife”

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At the Davis Cup

If you get the opportunity to go and watch a world cup game, why not take it?

After the summer holidays, school has started again this week. Yesterday Kai came home with eight official looking tickets in his hands for this weekend. I thought it would be for a random game, but it said Davis Cup. Even for a tennis new-bee (that is me) that sounded familiar.

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Australian Open 2017

If you are at least a little bit interested in tennis (or if you live in Australia and are trying to watch TV on channel 7), you will know that the Australian Open are on at the moment. And since this Grand Slam is happening in our own back yard, we decided that it was definitely worth a visit. Which we did last week Wednesday, during the second round matches.

Despite the fact that the media hype only starts with the first round of the men’s and women’s singles tournament on Monday, the grounds are actually home to a qualification tournament to fill the last few spaces in the tournament roster. This happens in the four days leading up to the big event, and is open to the public.

Being half Dutch, it goes against the grain to not take advantage of something for free, so Kai and me went there as well. Some of the pictures in this blog reflect that initial visit.

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Spring beach walk

After a long, cold and wet winter, spring has arrived! And, contrary to what you normally see in the Netherlands, the weather agrees with the dates on the calendar. – Well, at least if you think of it in terms of the infamous Melbourne Weather, which changes from one minute to the next.

Making the most of this change, Willemijn and I decided to make use of the sunshine together, and to go for a walk along the beach in Beaumaris.

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At the footy with dad

Hi my name is Luka as you already know. Me and my dad (Oliver) went to the footy. My dad’s friend Pete, and his daughter (my friend) Lucy came too. At the game it was the Saints vs Brisbane lions. At the game, first Brisbane lions where going for the win and then the Saints began to head for the win. Pete brought two packets of chips! One bag of chips was for the adults and one for the kids.

Close to the end of the game Lucy and me went outside of the stadium and we did some flips on bars. At the end …      SAINTS WON! We where so happy! When the game came to a end we got to go on the ACTUAL FIELD!!!!!

footy_with_dad_togetherWe where HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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High on up – on top of the Eureka Tower

As you do when you have visitors in the city you live in, you do the touristy things that you never get around to doing by yourself. Like visiting the penguins. Or going up the Eureka Tower. Which we did.

The Eureka Tower is the tallest building in Melbourne and, surprisingly, a residential building. As a visitor you can get up to the Skydeck on the 88th floor (and to 89 if you go for dinner). Which is pretty high up. Continue reading “High on up – on top of the Eureka Tower”

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Looking for penguins

Penguins. Those cute little birds that can’t fly but can glide under water with almost equal grace. The ones that live in cold places like Antarctica.

Well, OK, there are a few of them that come to some beaches in South Africa and Australia. But that’s way down in Phillip Island, and frightfully touristy and expensive…

Well, not quite true. Because there is a colony of Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor) that have made the breakwaters of St. Kilda Beach their home. And those we went to visit. Continue reading “Looking for penguins”