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Tassie day 8: East Coast

One of the “must visits” according to all books is the Freychinet National Park on the East Coast of Tasmania, so that was our destination for today. At least that was our plan. One stop completely changed the rest of our plans. Or maybe two stops. Continue reading “Tassie day 8: East Coast”

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Our Australian snowball fight

When we told people that we were moving to Australia, we often saw their eyes light up, almost like seeing the sun reflecting in them. Most of them have this image of people always wearing shorts, as if it is always summer everywhere in Australia. Continue reading “Our Australian snowball fight”

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Tassie Day 3: Salamanca market

A stay in Tasmania is not complete without a visit to a market, so why not go to the ‘creme de la creme’ of the markets: the Salamanca market in Hobart!

Every Saturday from 8.30 until 3 pm the Salamance Place in Hobart, which is actually a street, is filled with lots of people, the smell of food, the sound of street musicians and not to forget the market stalls themselves. Continue reading “Tassie Day 3: Salamanca market”

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Tassie Day 2: Hobart

Having landed in Hobart the day before, and having spent the night at the local airport hotel, we took it slow in the morning. Partly because this was vacation after all, partly because this was the last night for a week and a half that we would have a proper bed, partly because this was the last time in a week and a half that there would be a TV, but mostly because we could only pick up our camper-van at 12:30h.

But even the nicest budget hotel room gets boring after a while, so we packed our bags, dropped them off at reception and went for a walk.

Continue reading “Tassie Day 2: Hobart”

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Tassie Day 1: Arrival

With the kids having their quarterly two-week break and me having an unexpected gap in my planing at work, we decided last minute, that a short vacation was in order. One of the places that was on our bucket list was Tasmania, and with flights being relatively affordable, the choice was an easy one.

So we booked the flights, added a camper-van, packed our bags and off we went.  Continue reading “Tassie Day 1: Arrival”