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How to use an Australian hot plate?

Wherever you go to in Australia, you are guaranteed to see a hot plate barbecue. They are in almost every park, playground, campsite or close to rivers and beaches. You can even find them in the middle of Melbourne, along the Yara river. And, they are heavily used. Some are coin operated, many are completely free. Continue reading “How to use an Australian hot plate?”

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Snickers cake

For my 40-some birthday I received a package from my friends Karin, Susan and Suzan. Along with cards and  great knutsels* they also send me a book with the title “Chickslovefood” and the subtitle “cook with five ingredients or less”. These friends I have known for the greater portion of my life, so they know what I like!

I was immediately inspired for this years birthday cake as I love chocolate and like to cook from scratch. After last years chocolate explosion (a definite must try as well) of course my cake will have to include chocolate and preferably not be too complicated, so a snickers cake with five ingredients sounds like the perfect cake to me. Continue reading “Snickers cake”

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Recipe: homemade pizza from scratch

Pizza. That perfect slice of dough, topped with tomato sauce, cheese and anything else your fridge has to offer. It might not be good for your body, but its great for the soul. And it tasts heavenly.

At least if you don’t buy the deep frozen stuff, that almost always tastes like cardboard and old socks.

So here is our way of preparing this most famous of Italian dishes from scratch. Continue reading “Recipe: homemade pizza from scratch”

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Christmas Eve

If we were still in Europe, we would probably be at my moms place right now, the living room floor would be covered in a mixture of wrapping paper, toys and new socks and our bellies would be full to bursting with the fondue we just ate (the one with the broth, not the cheesy kind). Oh, and we probably would have had a glass of wine or five.

But since were not in Europe, we decided to do things a bit differently today. Continue reading “Christmas Eve”