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Snickers cake

For my 40-some birthday I received a package from my friends Karin, Susan and Suzan. Along with cards and  great knutsels* they also send me a book with the title “Chickslovefood” and the subtitle “cook with five ingredients or less”. These friends I have known for the greater portion of my life, so they know what I like!

I was immediately inspired for this years birthday cake as I love chocolate and like to cook from scratch. After last years chocolate explosion (a definite must try as well) of course my cake will have to include chocolate and preferably not be too complicated, so a snickers cake with five ingredients sounds like the perfect cake to me. Continue reading “Snickers cake”

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Recipe: soft chocolate tart

This is a very easy recipe and the result is extremely tasty. I made it for the party that we had before we left to Australia and recently for my birthday. Luka thinks it is heavenly, and I could not agree with her more. Continue reading “Recipe: soft chocolate tart”