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The ‘fast food’ hair dresser

I found a quick cut hair dresser in the middle of a mall that looks like a ‘fast-food’ version of a hair dresser and it fascinated me.

Just like any other country Australia has a lot of hair dressers. I have always been amazed how one profession, that seems pretty straight forward can have so many different approaches. No one hair dresser is the same, yet they all do the same thing; cut, style and/or colour hair.

Unlike a traditional hair dresser “Quick cut” is located in the middle of a mall in a very open space. Since I am not so adventurous when it comes to hair, I made Oliver the lucky volunteer to go try it out!

The trial

So off to the mall we went where we inserted $ 10 into the machine. The machine ate the money, but then forgot to spit out the receipt. So we did have to bother one of the hair dressers to help us out. Only to find out that the machine was so quick that we had not even noticed that it had printed the receipt already, duh!

The fool proof instruction was almost working for us, had the machine not been so quick.
The counter showed 137 and Olivers number was 147.
After about an hour it was Olivers turn.

Our experience

When we put the money in we got number 147 and the counter showed 135. So we quickly calculated, three hairdressers at an average of 15 minutes per person (it is a quick hair dresser after all),  so about 45 minutes to an hours wait. So plenty of time to stroll around in the mall.

There were no people visibly waiting to get a haircut, so it did not feel busy. And since you can effectively use your waiting time it does not feel like a long wait. Also there is no weekend supplement. With the normal average hair cutting prices in Melbourne starting around $20 – $ 25, the rate of $ 10 is very good. All three of the guys seemed to know what they were doing. So I guess they have some new customers!

Luka sure was happy with the result!

Other quirky things

Every country has its quirky things that are unique for the country. They are normal to the people living in it, but they appear very strange to foreigners. In the Netherlands this is what is know as the Febo-concept. You can get hot fried snacks from a vending machine, also known as eating out of the wall:

A typical Dutch quirky thing, a vending machine for hot snacks, also know as eating out of the wall.

I do not know if the quick cut is unique to Australia, but we have not seen it anywhere else and found it rather interesting,

Do you know any other quirky and/or unique things that you have experienced in another country? I would love to hear about it!


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

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