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On being Australian

Driving home from work today it suddenly hit me that we have been in country almost six months to the day. Man, time flies when you’re having fun! I guess it’s time for a reality check. Have I become Australian?That thought prompted me to look around and asses: what is “typical Australian” and have I gotten used to it yet? So here goes…

Women wearing thongs with a business suit. – Jup. No problem there.

Actually knowing that thongs are slippers, not women’s underwear. – Check.

“Hi, how are you?”, and actually expecting an answer. – Very much so!

Watching a Hollywood movie and thinking that they are driving on the wrong side of the street. – Weirdly, yes.

Vegemite. – Ugh, no!

Barbie in the arvo. – Yumm.

Lamingtons. – Even more yumm!

Knowing the difference between a Cappuchino, a Flat White and a Latte. – Call me a coffee-snob, will ya.

“No worries.” – Standard vocabulary.

So far, 8 out of 9. Should I get worried? 🙂

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