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Naturalized Australian

In an earlier post I asked the question on whether I am Australian yet. Well, I still don’t like Vegemite, so it might be a way to go for me. But Willemijn has made the transition.

Coming home today from Sydney, I discovered Willemijn wearing warm slippers. Because she “had cold feet”. In 15 degree Celsius weather!

"They're nice and warm..."
“They’re nice and warm…”
And it's 15 degrees!
“But it’s 15 degrees!”

Just for comparison: in the Netherlands this is the temperature that we start wearing shorts and t-shirt and are contemplating a day at the beach.

…well, almost.

7 thoughts on “Naturalized Australian

  1. Ha, Ha! This happened to my Canadian husband when he moved to Australia. The first winter in Australia he lived in shorts and t-shirts the entire time by his second winter he would throw on a hoodie by the third winter he owned a pair of sheepskin slippers and purchased a coat. 10 plus years later and moving back to Canada he invested in the thickest, warmest winter coat on the market. When he previously lived in Canada he would get around in -40 in a windbreaker rain jacket.

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