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on coffee

Coffee culture here in Melbourne is something to behold. There are little café’s and coffee shops on every corner, and everywhere you look there is someone walking around with one of these little cups, for which they just spent in excess of AU$ 3,50.

Just one of the little coffee shops and eateries around the corner from the hotel.
Just one of the little coffee shops and eateries around the corner from the hotel.

And it’s not just coffee from a drip machine, either. There are “proper” coffee machines in evidence everywhere (even in the little “bottle shop”, the wine store next door) where Baristas create the perfect cup of the brown stuff for you.

Non of the
None of the “dodgy” coffee, as my colleague named it.

The coffee shops themselves are (mostly) quite stylish and try to distinguish themselves from the competition. The one next door to the office for example, called famish’d, has turned the till around to be more customer facing when you order.

Open and inviting. That's how we like it.
Open and inviting. That’s how we like it.
While the Barista's do their thing on the other side.
While the Barista’s do their thing on the other side.

Others will tell you exactly what coffee is on offer today.

The 3008 blend.
The 3008 blend.

Interestingly, what you don’t see anywhere, are Starbucks or Costa. When I asked a local about it, their only comment was: They tried. They just weren’t good enough.

And I have to say, I’d have to agree with that assessment.

2 thoughts on “on coffee

  1. Ja klar, guten Kaffee gibt es nur bei den Aussis. Allerdings geben sich die Kiwis auch Mühe. Aber, besser ist er doch bei den Melbournians. So, just enjoy!
    Und viel Freude und Erfolg mit Willemijn beim Wohnungssuchen. Vielleicht gibts ja was in Heidelberg?
    Ganz lG H.-W.


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