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Cycling to Melbourne

10.10 a.m.: Kids dropped off at school, check, sunscreen, check, water, check, muesli bar, check! Ok ready to go. As I leave the house I notice that I forgot my helmet. Helmets are mandetory here in Australia, so I had to go back. Continue reading “Cycling to Melbourne”

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Hiking the You Yangs

After having lived in the middle of Melbourne for almost three months now and only hiked in the beautiful, but not remote at all Dandenong Mountains, we were very impressed with the nothingness that we saw on the way to the You Yangs. There was so much space already, so close to the city still. I just can not wait to cross off one of our 38 things to do in Australia-list to experience the outback. Continue reading “Hiking the You Yangs”

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Hiking Olinda Falls – Dandenong Mountains

As of today our favourite area in the Dandenong Mountains is the area around the Olinda Falls. Hiking the famous 1000 steps was beautiful, but a very crowded route, the hike from the Grants pick-nick ground is nice, but a bit tame. The area around Olinda Falls feels more remote and authentic, which is something that we all prefer. There were hardly any people and the tracks are narrow and adventurous. Continue reading “Hiking Olinda Falls – Dandenong Mountains”