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First Kangaroo encounter

After almost five months in Australia we did an amazing discovery. Kangaroo’s are not a marketing trick, they actually exist in the wild!

Although the first one that we encountered was a ‘dead’ one on the side of the road. At that point we were still thinking that it was a stuffed one, put there by the marketing people, just to make you believe in it. However, when the sun started to set, the camp ground at Hall’s Gap where we were camping in the Grampians suddenly turned into a playground for many kangaroo’s.

Up close with the kangaroo
They are not very shy, you can get up really close to them. Just touching they do not allow.
Kangaroo encounter at the Grampians
Kai communicates with the Kangaroo.

From then on we saw them everywhere: on the playground, at the side of the road and on the camp site.

Coolest Kangaroo encounter

While we were sitting behind our tent on the camp site a kangaroo just came hopping by. The camp spaces are not very big here, there was not even a meter between our tent and the neighbouring one, but the kangaroo decided that that was the best place to cross. This all happened really quickly, I had my back towards the side and by the time Oliver stumbled on his words he had already passed. I could only see it hopping over the street. Their hopping makes a very distinctive sound, which you easily recognise after you have heard it once. Unfortunately there is no picture proof of this.

So we managed to tick off another one of our 38 things we want to do in Australia.

Kangaroo with Joe
Kangaroo with Joe. The Joe’s stay with their mother for quite a while. No wonder, if this is the way you get treated….


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

4 thoughts on “First Kangaroo encounter

  1. Wat een geweldig leuke ervaring voor de kids en jullie natuurlijk ook. En mooie foto’s met Kai en Luka. Wij hebben hier in de buurt een grote tuin met Walibi’s, waar we al van genieten. Maar zo vrij in de natuur, práchtig! Groetjes van Jan en Marijke


  2. Wat ontzettend gaaf! Hebben jullie deze kangoeroes nu bij jullie in de buurt gezien of waren jullie verder weg aan het kamperen. Ging het goed met kamperen?

    En heb je al enig idee wat het volgende item is dat jullie van de lijst kunnen strepen?

    Liefs .. Karin


    1. We waren aan het kamperen in de Grampians, hier 3 uur vandaan. Ik ben al bezig met de volgende post hierover. Volgt asap. Tsja, het volgende item, we laten ons verrassen.


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