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Hiking Olinda Falls – Dandenong Mountains

As of today our favourite area in the Dandenong Mountains is the area around the Olinda Falls. Hiking the famous 1000 steps was beautiful, but a very crowded route, the hike from the Grants pick-nick ground is nice, but a bit tame. The area around Olinda Falls feels more remote and authentic, which is something that we all prefer. There were hardly any people and the tracks are narrow and adventurous.

After a nice Sunday morning breakfast including pancakes, bacon, orange juice and muffins, Luka suggested to go hiking. We were pleasantly surprised by this, as she is normally the one who complaints most when we even mentioned anything that involves walking. Is she now becoming the most driven one?

After a short stop at the tourist office, where we went for advise and picked up a map, we drove to the Olinda Falls pick-nick ground. Which was an adventure by itself. Since the other places that we visited could be reached by a paved road this is also what we expected at Olinda. So when we ended up on a gravel road we started to wonder if our navigation was off. With the many potholes in the road we felt like we were back in South Africa, on our way to a national Park.

Our car after a hike
So this is what our car looked like arriving at the car park.

Hiking to Olinda Falls

To get to the falls is not very difficult. The track down is very wide, but we loved the feeling of it. It felt like we walked in the middle of a scene of a fairy tail, with dimensions being completely out of proportion:

Scene from a fairy tail.
That little blue spot is Kai.

The last part of the route gives you a choice:

At the falls you can choode for the easy way or the adventurous trail
To get to the falls you can choose the easy way out, or the adventurous trail
We go for the steep trail
We left the decision up to the children.

Video impression of the falls

Note the last part of the 1.27 min. video, it reveales why Luka said the men were like a prince today (how to make a girl feel like a princess).

Continuing our hike

From the falls you can continue to hike in two directions. Today we choose the short route, but we will definitely go back here again!

Shoes after a hike
Shoes after a hike
Plenty to discover
There is plenty to discoved along the way. This is a fascination way to grow!

To be continued

Trails at Olinda Falls

Today we only hiked the first route, the 1.3 km to the Olinda Falls and continued on the Mechanics track. But did you see hike number three: the Valley walk for the adventurous? Hmm, that sounds apealing. We will have to get back here!


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

3 thoughts on “Hiking Olinda Falls – Dandenong Mountains

  1. Ist schon wirklich schön, wie Kai seiner Schwester hilft. Toll! Gebt ihm mal ein Lob vom Opa!
    Ich finde schön, dass Ihr die Wochenende zu kleineren Ausflügen nutzt, selbst wenn es Winter ist. (Vielleicht auch der nächste niederländisch/niederrheinische Sommer). Und Luka will laufen! Super!
    Wir wünschen Euch eine schöne Woche im Vorfrühling. Hier beginnt jetzt meteorologisch der Herbst.)
    Liebe Grüße H.-W. und M.-D.


    1. Ja, den Kindern macht das Wandern hier viel Spaß, vor allem “off the beaten track”. Kommen eben doch nach der Mutter… 🙂


  2. Net wat wij vandaag gedaan hebben. Lekker lopen in de bergen en genieten van het lekkere weer. Opmerkelijk hoeveel mensen (voornamelijk mannen) met hun gepimpte fiets downhill gaan 🚴🏼. Zelfs kinderen in de leeftijd van Kai en Luka 😉.
    Xx .. Karin


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