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At the Aussie Millions

While Melbourne is quite literally on the other side of the Earth from Europe, this does not mean that there aren’t any internationally major events being held here. (And no, dear Ossies, the Footy Final is not one of those. Sorry.) The most popular one happening right now is the Australian Open, with the F1 Grand Prix following in March.

But, down in the basement of the Crown Casino Melbourne, there is even more money to be won. Continue reading “At the Aussie Millions”

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Well, I guess it was inevitable. After having been to all the open-air skate parks in the immediate vicinity it was only a matter of time till we needed to go visit an indoor variety. And so, for Christmas, Kai got a Groupon for The Bunker and today I am taking him and a friend of his there. Continue reading “Skatepark”

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What’s big, white and furry and found in outback Australia?

These  questions are being fired at us from the back of the car. Kai is reading out loud from a book that we got at the library. We are all sitting in the car, as if we are ready to enjoy our summer vacation, but the car is not packed with our camping gear. Instead, we are on our way to Scienceworks for a day trip. Where I normally have no problem finding our next camping location, this time I am struggling a bit. Things are not the way we know them. Continue reading “What’s big, white and furry and found in outback Australia?”

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Cycling the Dutch way in Melbourne

Coming from the Netherlands, where a bike is an integral part of everyday life and where there are more bikes then residents, it is about time that we continue that lifestyle here in Australia. Step one is taken, we bought bicycles. Today we started exploring. Melbourne is a very bicycle friendly city, there are many bike paths, but there are definitely more challenges here…. Continue reading “Cycling the Dutch way in Melbourne”

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Dining at a child friendly restaurant

As we got married ten years ago we where looking for a place to go out to dinner with the four of us. Unfortunately we do not have very adventuresome children when it comes to food. So spending a lot of money in a restaurant is not well spend on them. Since we have not lived here very long yet and where shocked of some of the prices that are charged here for dinner I did some Google searching first. Continue reading “Dining at a child friendly restaurant”