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Blog Mile Stone: 121 countries!

Today we reached another mile stone: people from 121 147 different countries have visited our Blog!

If you think that is almost the whole world (as I initially did) you are wrong. There are still 120 94 ‘missing countries’ on the counter. But we are over half the countries now! Wouldn’t it be great if we could manage to have our blog opened in all countries all over the world?

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Renewing a Dutch Passport in Australia – Part 2

Luka and I were standing on the train platform in Sydney Central, five km away from the consulate when we heard the announcement ” the next three trains will terminate at this station”. After having been traveling for four hours already, were we really going to miss our appointment now? Then the next announcement came through: “There is a car on the train track towards Bondi Junction”. That did not make our situation any better… Continue reading “Renewing a Dutch Passport in Australia – Part 2”

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New look (again)…

Waaaaay back when we reached 100 posts, we decided to change the layout of our blog and freshen things up a bit.

Now that we have passed 200 (this post is number 215) – and more than a year later – we figured it is that time again. So we switched the layout yet again, and will also be updating our logo and picture overlays.

What do you think?

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Update: Social media challenge

Okay, I admit, I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to statistics. I can not help it that I like to look at them. So when I discovered that it is possible to put a flag counter on your blog, I immediately implemented that. Since then we have received viewers from 82 149 different countries! Now that is interesting, even if you do not like statistics, right? Continue reading “Update: Social media challenge”