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Melbourne Park Tournament

At 6.30 we got our wake-up call, Kai was standing, or rather bouncing (yes, even more than usual), next to our bed. Today we were going to the Australian Open and Kai was ready!

If you are thinking, wait, wasn’t the Australian Open in January? Then you are right, but we are not two months late, Kai was playing a 12 and under (age group) ranking tournament at Melbourne park, home of the Australian Open. Continue reading “Melbourne Park Tournament”

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Peninsula Hot Springs

The Peninsula Hot Springs have been on our wish list since we heard about them and last weekend we had the opportunity to go there.

Oliver and I met each other on a campsite in Sweden that had a sauna. Although I politely rejected an invitation to go there back then, sauna’s have played an important part in our lives together. Continue reading “Peninsula Hot Springs”

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How to use an Australian hot plate?

Wherever you go to in Australia, you are guaranteed to see a hot plate barbecue. They are in almost every park, playground, campsite or close to rivers and beaches. You can even find them in the middle of Melbourne, along the Yara river. And, they are heavily used. Some are coin operated, many are completely free. Continue reading “How to use an Australian hot plate?”

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We sold our house in the Netherlands

When we left for our big journey to Australia we initially intended to sell our house before moving. However the Dutch housing market was still in the middle of a crisis that started in 2008. Prices dropped by 30% since the peak of the market and there was a very low demand. If we could sell it, it would be with a large loss. So we decided to rent it out to a friend who needed a place to live. Continue reading “We sold our house in the Netherlands”

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Bretzeln – A German specialty

As Oliver made beer from scratch, this of course calls out for making our own Bretzeln as well. Bretzeln come from Southern Germany and for some reason they do not master the skills in the Northern part. So I might be up for a challenge. Time to practice Bretzeln baking skills. Since I do not posses these skills I had to do a bit of Googling and found a recipe in German. Continue reading “Bretzeln – A German specialty”

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At the Davis Cup

If you get the opportunity to go and watch a world cup game, why not take it?

After the summer holidays, school has started again this week. Yesterday Kai came home with eight official looking tickets in his hands for this weekend. I thought it would be for a random game, but it said Davis Cup. Even for a tennis new-bee (that is me) that sounded familiar.

Continue reading “At the Davis Cup”

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Snickers cake

For my 40-some birthday I received a package from my friends Karin, Susan and Suzan. Along with cards and  great knutsels* they also send me a book with the title “Chickslovefood” and the subtitle “cook with five ingredients or less”. These friends I have known for the greater portion of my life, so they know what I like!

I was immediately inspired for this years birthday cake as I love chocolate and like to cook from scratch. After last years chocolate explosion (a definite must try as well) of course my cake will have to include chocolate and preferably not be too complicated, so a snickers cake with five ingredients sounds like the perfect cake to me. Continue reading “Snickers cake”

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Solving mysteries on Mystery Island, Vanuatu

During our Carnival Christmas Cruise on the Pacific,  after visiting New Caledonia, the second country we visited was Vanuatu. We anchored near Mystery Island, a small tropical Island that does not have any residents. What sounded very idyllic in the description, I was a bit skeptic to visit this island while on a cruise. Why?

Can you imagine a small tropical paradise that gets invaded by 2.000 people at once?  No wonder the comedian on the ship left out the ‘t’  and called it Mysery Island.

Continue reading “Solving mysteries on Mystery Island, Vanuatu”