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School Holidays are Nearly Over!!!!

The school holidays will be over tomorrow!!!!!!! I am so annoyed that school is starting again because I just got used to the fact of being in pajamas all day. My holidays have been the best holidays I have ever had so far! And I do not want to start school again! I mean I am happy that I get to see my friends again and that my birthday party is only one week away. But I am not ready to go back to school and continue learning. Over the holidays we went swimming with dolphins and seals!

I had one double sleepover with the same person and I had the second best day ever. Let’s start with the second best day ever. First we had pancakes for breakfast. I watched a movie and then we went to the mall. For dinner we had TGIF. In case any of you people don’t know what that means it is a restaurant. When we got home, we went to bed.

When I woke up I released it was the last day of the holidays which is today!! Anyway, I think that you guys might have been or will be in the same situation as me without the swimming with dolphins and seals thing. So that was it from me! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.                                               



I am 13 years old, I play the guitar and enjoy dancing. I have no pets and I live in the Netherlands but used to live in Australia before that. My school is a fantastic place for children to learn and play. I write stuff about my daily life on our blog.

3 thoughts on “School Holidays are Nearly Over!!!!

  1. Nou Luka je kan hier ook de hele dag in je Pyama lopen hoor!
    Jullie boot ligt al in het water en Opa en Oma hebben al meegevaren met Marcel,Giel zat aan het roer en bediende de motor!Maud stond voorop mooi te zijn,leuk hoor!Wij kijken naar jullie uit hoor!😍😍🌞🌞😇😇


  2. Heb je nog iets gekocht in het winkelcentrum, of hebben jullie er alleen maar gegeten? Maar wat de vakantie betreft … nog even en dan heb je een tweede zomervakantie. Weet je al wat je met jouw kinderfeestje gaat doen? Geniet maar van de voorpret.


  3. Tja dat is het lastigste van vakantie…. het gaat weer over! Maar er komen nog genoeg vakanties aan waar je je op kunt verheugen!
    Groetjes en tot binnenkort de van meursjes… ps Ilse loopt oom het liefst de hele dag in pyjama…


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