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The sellout has begun

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and this has certainly been the case with our stay here in Australia. I woke up this morning only to realize that there is little over three months left of our Australian Adventure and it is time we seriously get on with preparing our departure.

Next to the obvious stuff, like flights, accommodation, schools, jobs and so on, there is also all the sh…tuff we have collected since moving here. We had considered sending some furniture back via container ship, but in the end decided against it. There is still enough of that sitting in storage in the Netherlands, and I don’t think our house there will be big enough to cater for all of that.

So it’s time to turn back to our old friend: Gumtree.There is nothing quite as cleansing in a household as the prospect of moving. Each item that goes into a box is considered on its merit to be carried down several flights of stairs, put into a truck, driven to the new house and then carried back up some stairs. But when you plan on moving to the other side of the world (again), the amount of things you can take back is severely limited. – In our case to what the airlines allow in our luggage.

So we have started sorting through everything, room by room, and putting things up on Gumtree.

From cupboards...
From cupboards…
..via desks...
..via desks…
…to a combination of both.

And sometimes you realize that a table that has been buried under your daughter’s stuff is actually quite cool, and you use that as your new/old computer desk.

Which then makes the computer monitor riser superfluous.
Which then makes the computer monitor riser superfluous.

The app is installed, the bookmark is set and it looks like we’ll be spending a lot of time on our new favorite website in the next few weeks.

…oh, and if you’re still looking for some new household items, feel free to check out the latest listings… 😉

One thought on “The sellout has begun

  1. Hi there, we just left Australia and I sold most of our things through “Marketplace” on Facebook. Much more interest there then on Gumtree. Just a little tips 🙂
    We also sold all of our things and left with only 30 kilos each
    Have a nice last months in Australia, I miss it allready


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