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Swimming with dolphins

On the Sunday the 8th of April, my family and I went camping at Mornington Peninsula. Before we got to our campsite Kai started nagging us about when we would get there which started to get on my nerves. When Kai finally stopped nagging us we arrived at the campsite. I was so glad!

When we found out that there was a beach right next to our camp spot I ran to the beach immediately. The next day, we went with the car to the dock. My brother and I had no idea what we were doing here so we got scared and excited at the same time which made my feelings turn into nerve-raking feelings.

When I finally found out that we were actually going swimming with dolphins I totally freaked out because I had never been even close to wild dolphins. But then my feelings changed to excited ones!!

The first time we went in the water there were the most dolphins of the 3 tries.  I was so scared the 1st time because it looked like they were going to attack us but they didn’t. The second try I only saw 2. The last time I did not see any dolphins.

After we went swimming with seals. They were huge! They were taller then Kai who is 1.55metres!

A special thanks to Oma, Achim and Britta for giving this to us for our birthday’s.


I am 13 years old, I play the guitar and enjoy dancing. I have no pets and I live in the Netherlands but used to live in Australia before that. My school is a fantastic place for children to learn and play. I write stuff about my daily life on our blog.

3 thoughts on “Swimming with dolphins

  1. Das war sicher eine ganz tolle Erfahrung! Schön, dass Ihr das gemacht habt! Und toll, dass Du das geschrieben hast, Luka! Liebe Grüße an Euch alle von Opa


  2. Fantastisch Luka!!
    Wat een mooie ervaring voor Kai en jou. We zijn wel jaloers hoor.
    Groetjes, Eric & Susan
    Femke, Milou en Sacha


  3. Nou Luka wat een prachtig verhaal weer,enheerlijk om zo te zwemmen zeg!We kijken er naar uit jullie in Nederland te zien zwemmen!
    Dikke knuffel van ons allemaal😍😻😍


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