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Winter in Melbourne

If you ask any local person what the weather is like in Melbourne today you will get the reply: “it’s freezing out there”. As you can see from the above picture it is an unpleasant forecast, yes that is true. And the wind does not help. Is it freezing? No it is not.

When telling people we would be moving to Australia almost all at some point responded with ‘oh wow, it is always warm in Australia!’. You always have ideas about a destination, even if you have not been there. One of those prejudice is about the temperature in Australia. Well, that might be the case in some parts of the continent, we had already read and now experienced first hand that that is not the case in Melbourne.

Winter here feels like a bad summer day in the Netherlands. Which can also be unpleasant.

Todays weather forcast for the Netherlands
To compare it with today’s (summer!) temperatures in the Netherlands, where it is between 12-16 degrees in the morning, but feels like 12-14 degrees. Not much difference right?

Insolation of houses, or rather the lack of it

We have already used our heater here more than we have in Europe. Not due to the temperature, but the lack of isolation. Cold outside then also means cold inside. Winter so far has meant between 3-7 °C at night. Although that does not sound that bad, it does get pretty cold inside in a house that has single glass windows and no insolation. Despite the fact that I love to sleep in a cold room, it even got too cold for me. We solved that by buying extra blankets and wearing our socks and clothing.

July is the coldest month of the year

Climate Melbourne
Normally the temperature is between 7.5 and 14.7 degrees in July. The lowest temperature reached was 1.8 and the highst 23.3 degrees.

During the day it has been between 11-15 °C. Once the sun comes out it the temperatures are still the same, but it then immediately gets very nice and comfortable out here.

If statistics can be trusted then July is the coldest month in Melbourne, so from now on it only gets better!

Melbourne is ranked in the most liveable city in the world. The only complaint that people seem to have here is about the weather. Apearently in every season it can be every kind of weather and that all in one day. Crowded House wrote their ‘four seasons in one day’ song about Melbourne, where they come from.

Nature does not seem to mind that it is winter. If I am not mistaken this is Magnolia.
Nature does not seem to mind that it is winter. If I am not mistaken this is Magnolia.
There are a lot of trees that stay green in the winter.
There are a lot of trees that stay green in the winter.
cape daisy
The cape daisies are blossuming right in front of our house as well
The entrence to our house has nice red blossuming flowers.
The entrance to our house has nice red flowers.


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

4 thoughts on “Winter in Melbourne

  1. Yes there are Magnolia and looks a Magnolia x ‘Star Wars’, and the red flowers looks like some sort of neglected camellia.japonica and the green tall trees are Eucalyptus and some of them are the food of the koalas

    I enjoyed the part “a bad summer day in the Netherlands”



  2. Unsere Wettervorhersage sagt, dass es aber übermorgen (!!!) besser werden soll. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt. Immerhin sind am Montag die Sommerferien in NRW zu Ende. Nur, der Sommer war noch nicht wirklich da.
    Wir sitzen hier mehr drinnen als draußen, auch wenn der Heizstrahler Wärme geben könnte. Es ist einfach nicht gemütlich.
    Die Parole heißt: Durchhalten und warme Socken anziehen. (Wir haben gesehen, dass man dicke Socken sogar zu kurzen Hosen trägt. Das muss doch einen Grund haben.)
    LG H.-W. und M.-D.


  3. Goeiemiddag, wat een weertje zeg, maar hier is het niet veel beter hoor! En zo te lezen zijn het niet alleen de Nederlanders, die over het weer zeuren. Maar zoals je schrijft, het kan alleen maar beter worden… Heb wel met jullie te doen dat het ‘s nachts zo koud is, maar….ook dat wordt dus langzaam beter.
    Wat een práchtige foto’s zeg… Groetjes aan allemaal uit een koud en regenachtig Baarlo


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