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Very last day of Primary School

When I was driving Kai to school this morning I realised that this is the last time I will be driving him to Primary school. Ever.

After six years of primary school (and a year of prep) the time comes for a new chapter. Moving on to secondary school. Primary school in Australia closes off with graduation. I knew graduation from high school in America, which is a big happening, but I did not expect a big event for primary school. How wrong was I? Continue reading “Very last day of Primary School”

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Going to the movies in Australia

Number six of our bucket list is to go to the movies in Australia. We have not posted about it yet, so about time to do so.  And since we are new to this country we had to try out different places, so enough inspiration. Continue reading “Going to the movies in Australia”

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Cost to fill a house in Melbourne

Although an empty house is a perfect playground, according to our kids, we do prefer to be able to sit down while eating. So when we arrived in an empty house five months ago we had to start looking for furniture, appliances and lots of other practical stuff.

When moving from Europe, from a complete house full of everything, you wonder how much can actually bring along with you. And if you don’t what it would cost to buy it.

Continue reading “Cost to fill a house in Melbourne”

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Flight bagage when moving overseas

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Four people and a new life in Australia. How much of your ‘old’ life can you take along with you on a flight? A post about being creative with luggage allowance, items that we are glad that we brought, items that we should not have taken and lessons learned. This is our experience. Continue reading “Flight bagage when moving overseas”

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Is this the ordinary life?

We have been here for exactly two weeks now. We are over our jet lag and away from all the rushing to get everything organized. There is still enough to do, but the first priorities are set. Oliver has started work two days ago. Now slowly the everyday normal life is getting reality. So I guess the ordinary life is about to start. Why does it not feel that way yet? Continue reading “Is this the ordinary life?”