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Adding a bit of Color

Who gets the chance to refurnish and redecorate their entire home? We do, an opportunity of a lifetime!

We flew here with only our checked in luguage from the airplane and got here in an unfurnished house. The basics we have already managed to buy in the first two weeks, we bought a car so we can move around easily. Yes, we can say that we can live without any discomfort.  Now it is time for the finishing touches and there is no rush in doing so, with the kids going to school now and me not working yet.

Since I had no idea what to buy where and what seems to be affordable and what is not, there is nothing left for me to go in and out of stores and look at things. Poor me. All the stores make it sound like they have the highest discounts and the best prices. Must be that time of year.

This is what our table looked like before. Pratical, but also relatvely ‘naked’. Although, for those who know us you will also know that is covered in games, toys and papers in no time. But this is what it potentially looked like
This is what it now looks like, after extensive bargain shopping in one of the malls around here. And there are plenty of malls in the vicinity (including the biggest mall of Australia).

Moving to a new country on the other side of the world also means that you have no sense of what to buy where and what things cost. You start by comparing with the at home prices, but that is not realistic, so you have to let that go quickly.

To give an example: Being used to pay less than € 1 for yoghurt I find $ 4 a liter here frightfully expensive. It is an Aldi price already and it just does not get any cheaper out here (yes they have the German Aldi down here, so that is good news. Not with the same supply, but the concept is the same). On the other hand, you pay only $ 1,23 for a liter of gas, that is less than € 1 per liter!

Shopping just takes a long time for me still, because everything is a search. All part of the adventure!


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

4 thoughts on “Adding a bit of Color

  1. Tafel ziet er een stuk vrolijker uit nu. Maar nog niet echt jullie…. Zoals je zelf al zei ik mis speeltje, boeken, bekers Enzo! Shoppen is wel echt een straf… geloof je niet!! Succes met verder in richten en gezellig maken. Dat maakt van een huis een thuis! Groetjes suzan


  2. Ik zou het niet erg vinden om winkels af te struinen om spullen te shoppen. Maar voor zover ik kan 👀 ben je tot nu toe goed geslaagd 👍💵

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