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Surviving a Hot Melbourne Tennis Day

With a weather forecast of 42 degrees today it was promising to become a hot Melbourne Day today. Not the ideal circumstances for a tennis tournament, but Kai signed up so there was no way out. How did he/we survive a day on the tennis court? Continue reading “Surviving a Hot Melbourne Tennis Day”

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Junior League Finals

After about three months of competition play in a round robin format, Kai’s team in the Associations Junior League made it to the finals as second on the ladder in the 12B division. To determine the actual winner for this season, the first two teams play a finals of four singles and two doubles. And that finals match was happening today.

…at least that was the plan.

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Runners up

This weekend is a long weekend in Melbourne – because of a horse race. And while that still sounds weird, it is reason enough for a lot of tennis tournaments to be scheduled in and around Melbourne, most of them across three days.

Since Kai made some big improvements in the last few weeks and months, we decided it was time we try this tournament thing again: the 2017 Better Tennis Frankston Cup. And for the doubles we enlisted the help of Seba, one of his classmates and previous doubles partner.

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Primary School Sport in Victoria

Melbourne is a city that hosts a lot of major sports events, so there is great enthusiasm in both watching and participating. That love for sports gets seeded very early on in Australia. Next to the normal sports hour in school, there are after school sport activities, sports days and inter school sports – competitions against other schools.

In the almost two years that we lived here, Kai has qualified for some of the school teams, so we got to see what the competition is like. Here is our experience. Continue reading “Primary School Sport in Victoria”

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Melbourne Park Tournament

At 6.30 we got our wake-up call, Kai was standing, or rather bouncing (yes, even more than usual), next to our bed. Today we were going to the Australian Open and Kai was ready!

If you are thinking, wait, wasn’t the Australian Open in January? Then you are right, but we are not two months late, Kai was playing a 12 and under (age group) ranking tournament at Melbourne park, home of the Australian Open. Continue reading “Melbourne Park Tournament”

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At the Davis Cup

If you get the opportunity to go and watch a world cup game, why not take it?

After the summer holidays, school has started again this week. Yesterday Kai came home with eight official looking tickets in his hands for this weekend. I thought it would be for a random game, but it said Davis Cup. Even for a tennis new-bee (that is me) that sounded familiar.

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Australian Open 2017

If you are at least a little bit interested in tennis (or if you live in Australia and are trying to watch TV on channel 7), you will know that the Australian Open are on at the moment. And since this Grand Slam is happening in our own back yard, we decided that it was definitely worth a visit. Which we did last week Wednesday, during the second round matches.

Despite the fact that the media hype only starts with the first round of the men’s and women’s singles tournament on Monday, the grounds are actually home to a qualification tournament to fill the last few spaces in the tournament roster. This happens in the four days leading up to the big event, and is open to the public.

Being half Dutch, it goes against the grain to not take advantage of something for free, so Kai and me went there as well. Some of the pictures in this blog reflect that initial visit.

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School trip

There comes a time in a parents life when you have to start letting go. This usually starts with the little things: first time to day care, first time sleepover, first time to grandma. All great fun for the kids and probably more difficult for the parent…

Today is the start of the next “first”. Kai is off with his class- and schoolmates on a four-day school trip to Ballerat, a city about 2 hours drive from here. There they will stay at a hotel and take part in a tennis tournament. Continue reading “School trip”

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Kai’s first tennis tournament

Kai has been attending his new school for almost two months now, playing tennis for more than 10 hours a week. It is amazing at what speed his game is improving and great to see how much fun he is having at the same time. And while he has team competitions almost every Sunday, it was time to step up and enter one of the many youth tournaments held on a regular basis throughout Victoria.

Which is what he did at the 5th tournament of the 2016 Boroondara Winter winter series, held yesterday. Continue reading “Kai’s first tennis tournament”