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Jucy Grande camper: our experience

Is renting a van and driving around Australia as idyllic as it sounds? We are normally hardcore tent people, that is the way we have seen a large part of Europe.

In Australia distances are slightly larger than in Europe (understatement….), so just driving somewhere with the tent in the trunk is all a bit more challenging, if you do not want to be on on the road three to five days in a row. So when we flew to Brisbane, we figured it would be a good opportunity to rent a camper to discover the Sunshine Coast and the Hinterland. Continue reading “Jucy Grande camper: our experience”

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Getting acclimatized in Brisbane

With just too much luggage I travelled a day with our kids by car, train, bus, airplane and train to finally arrive in Brisbane on time for dinner. After the coldest Melbourne winter, the temperatures here are very pleasant. We could still walk around in T-shirts, even after the sun went down. Continue reading “Getting acclimatized in Brisbane”