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Travelling the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

We have been missing out on summer for almost a year now, since we moved to Australia at the beginning of the European summer into the coldest Melbourne winter.

Having two kids and a German husband it might have been the obvious choice  to drive directly to the beach from Brisbane and stay at the beach, we did not do this.

Oh well, as soon as we picked up our camper we did drive directly to the beach and dug holes in the sand, but we decided to drive to the Hinterland behind the endless coastline.

Perfect endless beaches
Perfect endless beaches of the Sunshine Coast. If you click on the picture you can see it in full size.

The Glass House Mountains

Driving up North one of the first things that stroke us were a couple peaks that are standing almost alone in the landscape. A very surreal sight:

View Glass Mountains
Our first glimpse of the Glass Mountains from Bribie Island.

Having seen this our first destination was clear: we have to get closer to these peaks and find out more about them. So from Bribie Island we drove to the Glass House Mountains, afterwards to Maleny and Montville and we ended the trip in Mooloolaba on the coast (must have been named by a very drunk person):

Tourist map of the Hinterland
Tourist map of the Hinterland.

The three highest peaks of the Glass House Mountains were volcanoes 25 million years ago, the others are Magma cooled in the surface. For this view we had to climb on a viewing platform on top of a hill.

Glass House Mountains
Glass House Mountains

North of the Glass House Mountains there are vista roads on top of the mountains. Scenic drives with lots of stops at the lookout points. But of course there are also many hiking trails. The only part which I liked a bit less in this area is that the walkways are very civilised, which takes a bit of the adventure out for me. It was perfect for this trip though since we only had four days.

Hiking in Kondalilla National Park

One of the hikes that we did was the Kondalilla Falls circuit, a 4.7 km circular hike.

The first part is a walk way though a lush tropical forest with many bird noises all around us.
The reward
This is the reward. The viewing point of the promised 90 meters waterfall was under construction.
The last part of the hike was through a different forest with impressive trees. This one definitely stood out for us.

Things that you do not want to find out

‘Lookout for the leaves of the Giant Stinging Tree’ is what one of the tourist brochures mentions. ‘When the heart shaped leaves are touched they can cause pain that will last for weeks.’ Ok, not deadly, but it does not sound very appealing either. I guess we will avoid any heart shaped leave from now on.

We saw more wildlife on our trip and are aware that there are many kinds of dangerous animals in Australia. But unaware that there is also danger from plants (that you do not even eat)!

Hiking the Gardners Falls

Although hiking might be a bit over rated with 400 meters walkway from the car park along the Obi Obi Creek to the Falls. The falls easily make up for it though. The rock pool is a little piece of paradise. You can walk the shallow parts or take a three meter jump in the cold rock pool, which Oliver and Kai did. Unfortunately, just as I was about to think about considering to take the jump as well, a tropical rain started poring down.

Oliver jumped into the rock pool
Oliver jumped into the rock pool.
Kai in rock pool
And so did Kai.
Keeping cool
While the girls kept it cool.


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

One thought on “Travelling the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

  1. Einfach schön, in der gefährlichen Natur herum zungehen! In dem Pool waren keine Krokodile? Oder sonstige gefährliche Lebewesen? Wir haben es auch erfahren: Australien ist seeehr lebensgefährlich. Man kann über einen Stein stolpern und sich das Genick brechen oder von einem Helmkasuar umgerannt werden. Dringend die Schilder am Wegesrand beachten! Vorsicht vor Enten, wegrennenden Wollabies oder Possums, … Liebe Grüße und nicht hysterisch werden. H.-W. und M.-D.


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