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Great Ocean Road our experience

The Great Ocean Road is one of those famous routes that you have to have seen when you are in Australia. The expectations that we had was a coastal route similar to the French Cote d’Azur. Beautiful scenery with a small or bigger ‘tourist’ village every few km’s. We wanted to go to a campsite at the Great Otway National Park, close to the town of Cape Otway, almost in the middle of the Great Ocean Road How different reality was. Continue reading “Great Ocean Road our experience”

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Do you need police, fire or ambulance?


Our second night in the bush: It is a beautiful evening and we are alone in Buandik bush camp in the western side of the Grampians. The other couple had left and the two guys have not returned to camp yet, so it is just us. That little green dot between the trees is our tent.

10 p.m. Oliver is picking up his mobile phone dialing 000. Which gets answered with: “Is it really an emergency? Do you need police, fire or ambulance?” How did we end up calling the emergency number? Let me take you back to minutes before. Continue reading “Do you need police, fire or ambulance?”

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Koala encounter

We are on the Great Ocean Road and we are currently surrounded by koala’s! After over six months in Australia it has finally happened. Another one off our bucket list, two actually, as we did not eat one, nor do we intend to.

Staying at Bimbi park, a camp site in the middle of the Otway National Park, has given us close encounters with ‘active’ koala’s. It is great to be able to observe these  cute, fluffy and very cuddly looking creatures. They are very curious and very willing to pose for the camera. Even though they do little more than eating leaves, scratching themselves, staring at us and an occasional jump to another branch. Continue reading “Koala encounter”