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Showcase 2015 – a night in the theatre

“I am so excited” says Luka as we are driving towards the Monash University at 6.30 pm. Tonight they are performing on a real stage, together with more than 500 other students from the Essex Heights Primary School. They have been practising a long time for this. I am expecting quite an event.

All the students are performing in singing, musical instruments and/or Indonesian dance. It is very impressive when you see all the children on the big stage and a whole hall filled with proud parents, friends and relatives. Since our family and friends are far away, or maybe it is the other way around, here is a video impression of the night:

Grade 3-4 song

One of the songs that Kai is singing is ‘Firefly’ with all the grade 3 and 4 students from the Essex Heights Primary School. I find it hard to believe that these amazing kids are only between 8-10 years old:

Grade 2 song

Luka is singing Nursery Rhymes with all the grade 2 students, the 7-8 year olds:

“I did have butterflies in my stomach when we went on the stage” says Kai when I ask him how he liked performing for a big crowd of people. “I could not see the audience” says Luka. It is 10.30 pm as we are back in the car driving home again with two exhausted but satisfied children.


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6 thoughts on “Showcase 2015 – a night in the theatre

  1. Beide waren doch sehr aufmerksam und voll bei der Sache. Toll, was die Schule auf die Beine bringt. Und natürlich die Kinder! Die Eltern können stolz sein auf das, was ihre Sprösslinge in dieser kurzen Zeit schon alles geleistet haben. LG H.-W. und M.-D.


  2. Worden dit soort optredens vaker gehouden, of is het een eenmalig evenement? Ik kan me ook goed voorstellen dat Kai zenuwachtig was (zou niet goed zijn als het niet zo was).

    Goed weekend .. Karin


      1. Ik heb zojuist de filmpjes bekeken (anders zou Rogér vannacht wakker worden) en Kai mooi in het midden zien staan. Waar stond Luka ongeveer?


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