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A new(ish) car

Today we finalized the (hopefully) last, big transaction of our move: a new car. It’s a blue one. 🙂

Before we moved here, we set ourselves a budget of no more than AU$ 10,000.- for a new(ish) car. And this is what we set out to find, not having many more expectations. The only restriction was: no Outlander. After driving one Outlander for a week, I definately did not want to get another. Way too fuel inefficient and way too big for city streets!

So we checked the local used-car websites and found (amongst many, many other cars) a nice 2004 Mazda 3 for well below the budget. We visited the dealership last Wednesday to have a look, and liked what we saw.

The car-dealership is actually a (pretty busy) garage with a real nice guy as an owner.
The car-dealership is actually a (pretty busy) garage with a real nice guy as an owner.

What we especially liked was the fact that the sales guy was very open and up front about the state of the car (he pointed out a fixed side wing and bonnet, which I would totally have missed) and the fact that his main source of income is fixing cars, not selling them. So, after a short test-drive and a night to think things over, we signed the deal.

The car was ready to be picked up when we got there.
The car was ready to be picked up when we got there.

The car still needed to get a once-over, oil change and new front tyres, so it was not until today that we were able to pick it up. And so we did. 🙂

Signing the deal. The car is ours.

7 thoughts on “A new(ish) car

  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum wunderschönen neuen Auto. Es sieht nicht nur gut aus, sondern scheint auch für die Stadt wendig genug zu sein. Und umklappbare Sitze für den nächsten IKEA-Besuch.
    Wir wünschen Euch, dass er läuft, und läuft, und läuft ….
    Marie-Dorothee findet die Bilder von gestern sehr hübsch. Wir konnten uns an einige der Piepmätze gut erinnern. Es fehlt nur noch der Kookaburra, dann haben wir alle Bekannten wiedergesehen.
    Und das mit den Känguruhs …
    Wenn Oliver am Montag wieder zur Arbeit muss, dann wünschen wir einen guten Start.
    Wieso sind denn Ferien? Winterferien wie hier Sommerferien?
    Schönes Restwochenende
    H.-W. und M.-D.


  2. Mooi hoor 🚘 ! Daar ga jullie het de komende twee jaar wel mee redden (verwacht ik)! Veel veilige kilometers .. Karin


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