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My second job interview

“It was great to meet you in person! We would like to get you in for a second interview.

The interview will involve a written test which should take about 45 minutes. After this we will review and discuss your answers, then you will meet the rest of the team. We’re hoping this will be the final round of interviews before we make a decision.”

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Walking through a local shopping mall a few weeks ago, we saw a stand for a paintball venue here in town. Talking to the guy and thinking about Kai’s upcoming birthday, we let him lure us into a “great offer” of greatly reduced entry prices. Kai was ecstatic.

And today we made use of the tickets and took 7 boys (and a few parents) to square off across the battlefield, pump-action paintball shotguns at the ready.
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High on up – on top of the Eureka Tower

As you do when you have visitors in the city you live in, you do the touristy things that you never get around to doing by yourself. Like visiting the penguins. Or going up the Eureka Tower. Which we did.

The Eureka Tower is the tallest building in Melbourne and, surprisingly, a residential building. As a visitor you can get up to the Skydeck on the 88th floor (and to 89 if you go for dinner). Which is pretty high up. Continue reading “High on up – on top of the Eureka Tower”

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Looking for penguins

Penguins. Those cute little birds that can’t fly but can glide under water with almost equal grace. The ones that live in cold places like Antarctica.

Well, OK, there are a few of them that come to some beaches in South Africa and Australia. But that’s way down in Phillip Island, and frightfully touristy and expensive…

Well, not quite true. Because there is a colony of Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor) that have made the breakwaters of St. Kilda Beach their home. And those we went to visit. Continue reading “Looking for penguins”