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The Mornington Peninsula beaches

The Mornington Peninsula is a very popular holiday destination for Melburnians. Why? We did not know yet, so time for us to head out there and explore a little.

The Mornington Peninsula is only an hours drive South from where we live, so easily accessible.


Geared with our two maps from the tourist office, one for the wine region and one for the scenic drives, off we drove. It was drizzling when we left, but we saw the sky getting lighter and lighter the further South we got, until the sun came out by the time we arrived.

Port Phillip side of the Peninsula

The bay side beaches are on the Western side of the Peninsula. Since there is only a small opening towards the ocean, the water is mostly calm here with very small breaks which makes swimming here is quite safe.

Mornington itself is a little town with a lot of little stores, shops, cafes and restaurants has a pleasant feel to it. Alright, maybe the people here are be a bit beyond the average age, or maybe that was just today?

Between the coast and the street is a strip of nature. On the other side of the road there are many not too unpleasant houses with big balconies, of which we can see the point. Not a bad spot to pictures ourselves sitting and having an extended breakfast or a nice dinner.


After a stop at the international bakery to buy some breads and coffee we headed to the beach to find a nice pick-nick spot. Nice spots along the beach were easy to find, pick-nick tables were a bit harder. When we decide to pull over anyway, because we found a really nice beach, there was even a table hidden between the bushes. While the kids were digging holes and writing in the sand we enjoyed the food and the view.

Our view over the Bay from our pick-nick table in the bushes.

Bass Straight side of the Peninsula

On the South and East side of the Peninsula is the Bass Straight, the sea that separates Tasmania from Australia. This side can be a lot more rugged, which immediately became apparent when we arrived there. There was a strong wind, which was a bit chilly. This is no wonder, since it is coming from Antarctica.

The water of the Brass Sea on the other side of the Peninsula was a lot rougher.


So why go to the Mornington Peninsula?

Although we have only seen some of the many beaches on our day trip, we have seen enough to get a feeling why local people like to go here. It is a beautiful and peaceful place, close to the city and is not only known for its beaches, but also for its inland wineries, hot springs, scenic drives and outdoor activities, we just have to get back there.

Swimming with dolphins, hot springs, stand up paddling and many good coastal hiking trails are just a couple of the activities that we still need to do. According to the brochures you can even find massive rays, sea horses and rare weedy sea dragons while snorkeling beneath Rye and Portsea piers.

Already checking when we can return!



Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

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