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Changing Schools – a year after

When people ask Kai what school he goes to he responds that he goes to a senior college. This is usually received by surprised faces, as he just turned 11 and Senior college starts in grade 10, so for 16 years olds.

Is he an extremely bright kid (of course he is, he is our son…duh…) that skipped five years? What is the story? Continue reading “Changing Schools – a year after”

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Introducing myself (Kai)

Hi, my name is Kai and I love scooting, playing Tennis and reading.
I moved to Australia almost a year ago already! I came here because my dad [Oliver] had found out that there is also an office of his company in Melbourne, so that’s the reason why I am in Melbourne today! Continue reading “Introducing myself (Kai)”

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School swimming competition

Two weeks ago Kai received a letter that all the children from Essex Heights could enter the qualification for today’s swimming carnival. Being the sportive kid that he his, no doubt that Kai wanted to try out. You needed to be up to a certain swimming level, but since we are not familiar with those levels, we just signed him up. Even though he finished his swimming lessons three years ago.

Last Monday, during school time, they drove up to the swimming pool by bus. To our surprise, we found out that Kai qualified for the breaststroke in the school swimming team a couple days later. Freestyle is the stroke that children in Australia learn first. In the Netherlands we start with breaststroke. This and his competitive nature, is probably why he made it. Continue reading “School swimming competition”