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Birthday party at Timezone!

Today I went to a birthday party from a friend Nathan. I know Nathan from my old school. I arrived fifteen minutes too early but I wasn’t the first guest at his party!

My mum who you should know (Willemijn) brought me to the birthday party in Forest hill (a shopping centre). In the car we listened to some music, with some songs we sang along with the singer. When we arrived at our destination, we came into the parking lot we couldn’t find a place to park in, but eventually we found a car that drove out of its parking space so we could take their spot which was really lucky!

Once we got inside we went straight to Timezone, we had to go up to the first level with the escalator. We walked for about 50 metres till we were straight in front of Timezone. Once we were in Timezone the first person I saw and knew was Nathan’s brother! I asked him where Nathan was and he didn’t even know where Nathan was! I searched through the whole arcade till I found him. I saw some of my other friends as well waiting for the rest to come to start the party!

Now let’s talk about the party! First I had to get the card to get access to the games in the arcade, once I played some games already, some people from the party started arriving! We had one and a half hour of games and half an hour eating in the party room!

Once my time was finished I went into the party room to have party food! I got some chips and sausage rolls, for the cake we had Ice-cream, It was delicious! when everyone finished eating. All the members of the birthday party went over to the shop where you can get toys from the points you get. On the card we each got 200 tickets but Nathan (the birthday boy) got 500 tickets on his card because it was his birthday! Now let’s get going on to the part where we went to the shop to spend our 200 tickets. Most people got small things that only costs 10 to 50 tickets. But I got a plastic sword that gives light when you press a button (which you would see above in the picture). A friend of mine got one too! It made me laugh,  because it looked really funny with us two having it. It costed 200 tickets!


Kai is ten and did not know English a year ago, now he is tri-lingual. He loves his scooter and his newly discovered sport: tennis.

3 thoughts on “Birthday party at Timezone!

  1. Leuke party, hoe verzinnen ze het, en je houdt er een mooi zwaard aan over! Mooi verhaal geschreven in het engels, knap! Groetjes van Jan en Marijke


  2. Wat een leuk feest Kai ,en wat heb je dat leuk geschreven!Het voelt net of we er bij waren!Vond je het leuk je oude klasgenootjes weer te zien?Opa en Oma vonden je eerste tennis toernooi ook goed hoor,laatste game gewonnen knap hoor,ga zo door!Dikke knuffel hoor!!!


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