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Summer Holiday ‘Out on a Boat’

It seemed like not much new was happening on our blog lately, but we have not been sitting still. Quite to the contrary: we were just in the offline world for a while. Yes, that still exists and it is great! We went on a Christmas and News Years Cruise through Asia. Continue reading “Summer Holiday ‘Out on a Boat’”

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Christmas 2016

A (just slightly late) Merry Christmas to everyone!

Christmas time is usually the time for family traditions, visiting relatives and eating lots and lots of food. Oh yes, and presents.

Not so much for us this year, as we only made it to 1 out of 4. And, no, it wasn’t the presents.

This year, Christmas for us happened on a boat, somewhere between New Caledonia and Australia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We were on a cruise. (More about that later.) Continue reading “Christmas 2016”

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’tis the season – this time in Dutch

As I pointed out in my last post, ’tis the season. But since we’re a household with roots in two countries, we have to observe traditions from both. (The kids are not complaining, as it means they’re getting even more presents…)

For the Dutch, Christmas is more a celebration of family and friends, with good food and company. However, the date that the children look forward to is Sinterklaas. Continue reading “’tis the season – this time in Dutch”

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Christmas Eve

If we were still in Europe, we would probably be at my moms place right now, the living room floor would be covered in a mixture of wrapping paper, toys and new socks and our bellies would be full to bursting with the fondue we just ate (the one with the broth, not the cheesy kind). Oh, and we probably would have had a glass of wine or five.

But since were not in Europe, we decided to do things a bit differently today. Continue reading “Christmas Eve”