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Very last day of Primary School

When I was driving Kai to school this morning I realised that this is the last time I will be driving him to Primary school. Ever.

After six years of primary school (and a year of prep) the time comes for a new chapter. Moving on to secondary school. Primary school in Australia closes off with graduation. I knew graduation from high school in America, which is a big happening, but I did not expect a big event for primary school. How wrong was I? Continue reading “Very last day of Primary School”

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Introducing myself (Kai)

Hi, my name is Kai and I love scooting, playing Tennis and reading.
I moved to Australia almost a year ago already! I came here because my dad [Oliver] had found out that there is also an office of his company in Melbourne, so that’s the reason why I am in Melbourne today! Continue reading “Introducing myself (Kai)”