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Very last day of Primary School

When I was driving Kai to school this morning I realised that this is the last time I will be driving him to Primary school. Ever.

After six years of primary school (and a year of prep) the time comes for a new chapter. Moving on to secondary school. Primary school in Australia closes off with graduation. I knew graduation from high school in America, which is a big happening, but I did not expect a big event for primary school. How wrong was I?

School has not finished yet, there is one more week to go, but next week they all participate in the Victorian Schoolboys and Schoolgirls tennis tournament. With our Australian journey and all the posts that we have written about primary school, writing a blog post about ending primary school is a must do.

At Luka’s school months of planning and fundraising (all mostly by the parents) go into the preparation of graduation. Which I believe is a whole day event, including a yearbook, speeches, dinner and disco.

Unlike the standard in Australia, Kai’s school is a Middle School Sports Program for Year 5 through 9. As of next year they will end their primary school program (Years 5 and 6), so these are the last primary school graduates. The graduation was a small, personal, short and memorable event.

All the Year 6 graduates lined up, yup, that’s really all of them!

On the morning of graduation the music teacher had arranged a performance for an elderly ladies group. In six weeks of practice they learned three songs. For most, it was also their first introduction to the instruments they were playing. They were picked up with a bus and the instruments were set up at the location.

I knew Kai would play the drums, so the first song he sat behind the drums and drummed “Stay with me”. I was quite impressed!

Then the unexpected happened. There was a bit of commotion between the boys before the second song. I saw Kai stand up and walk towards the microphone. All the others were picking up an instrument. What was happening?

The music started and Kai was still standing behind the microphone. Then I heard rapping “If you have one shot or one opportunity….”. What? My son, the one that when forced on stage would always be standing behind someone, so he would hardly be visible, now getting on front of a microphone and rap?


I could not believe my eyes, nor ears. Small kids do get big and continue to surprise their parents. Mama, you where right!

For the graduation around lunchtime we gathered in the common area. Some classmates from Year 7 prepared a PowerPoint presentation with images from throughout the year. Boy, did they look much younger at the start of the year!

We listened to some of the teachers, the graduates each made a short film about themselves and their journey through primary school and then they received their certificate and a graduation bear. The graduation bear is a bear that your classmates can write messages on. Which I believe is an iconic item in Australia. The kids received pizza and the parents sandwiches and we had a chance to speak to the teachers.

Not that it will be changing much for Kai, as he will be staying in the same school next year. Where he will continue his school/tennis journey.

P.S. Thanks Heinz-Werner and Marie-Dorothee for sharing these special moments with us. It was great having you here from Germany!


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

2 thoughts on “Very last day of Primary School

  1. Ja, es war wirklich schön, dabei sein zu dürfen. Und es war auch für uns ein Erlebnis.
    Ganz liebe Grüße Heinz-Werner und Marie-Dorothee


  2. Geweldig,wat leuk joh,hij lijkt dus ook op zijn moeder die ons ook steeds blijft verrassen.Groot nieuws Marc heeft een baan!Kan di al beginnen!Word collega van Marcel gaat ook op een busje bij een bedrijf wat spullen verhuurd!Probeer nog te Skypen als het niEt lukt,heel fijne vakantie .Ga met Maud za kerststal en boom versieren.Veel sneeuw gehad hier!Dikke knuffel voor jullie 😍😍😻


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