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Athletics Day 2016

Today was no ordinary school day for Kai, but a day filled with athletics. Since July, the start of this quarter, he is at his new school where the Athletics day is different from other schools. Since there are not many students at his Box Hill Tennis school they skip the school competition and all go straight into the District competition. They could choose two events that they wanted to participate in and almost all of them got to run in the relay at the end of the day.

Last year Kai had his first Athletics day at Essex Heights Primary school. All the children participated in every event and if you got first or second at any of the events in your year level you qualified to go onto the District level. Kai got fourth on a couple events, so he just did not make it into the District qualification then.

Was it a successful day?

Well, what can I say? Do you see anything odd on this picture?


Look closer. Then you might see that the feet of that blue boy on the left (who might look familiar for the people who know us outside of our blog) look a bit strange of you look up close. One is white, one is black. And no, that is not Australian fashion.


Just around the corner both feet are suddenly white and there is something black on the track.

Yes, he lost his shoes while running. The first one at the beginning, the last one at the end. Let’s just say, oh well, at least he did not quit. Or maybe he was just too fast for his shoes today.

Mr Long jumper

Luckily he did not loose his shoes on all events. He was successful on the long-jump, jumping over three meters, which gave him a second place in his age-group.


Time to return to the school bus, the buses are already lined up:


No, not that big one in the background, but this one, with the principal driving it:


This one is big enough to fit the all the grade five and sixes of the whole school into…

Overall it was a very successful event, as they got four first places and three seconds. And that with only nine children each competing in two events. So half of them will have another athletics day, the division level, in the beginning of October. Then possibly the regional, state and I am not sure if there is an Australian one after that.

Another very well organized and competitive day with lots of cheering. Also a day that proves that you can be too fast for your shoes, or maybe it had something to do with laces.


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