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Recipe: Tomato sauce from scratch

As mentioned in the pizza, and the pasta recipe we make our own tomato sauce from scratch as well. Kids proof, easy and delicious! Usually we make quite a large batch, let it cool down, divide it into portions using zip-loc bags and put them in the freezer. This way we always have a portion on hand when needed.

The ingredients are fairly basic:


red capsicon/pepper
olive oil

You can put in the amounts that you like to. Our sauce never tastes the same.

The zucchini comes out of our garden.
Cut it up into smaller pieces, put it in a large baking tray and pour some olive oil over it. I forgot the carrots, actually a must ingredient, as it gives the sauce a natural sweetness.

You put the vegetables into the oven at about 150 degrees C and leave it in there for at least one hour, until it is roasted:

The roasted veggie’s.

When it is done we mix it in the blender to make it into a sauce. It is still very thick and  concentrated at this point.

You take the amount that you would like to use and add fresh or canned tomatoes. Then I put in the seasoning, like salt, pepper and oregano. And ready is your sauce, it is guaranteed delicious and that easy!

The children do not even notice that they are eating lots of vegetables. The first time our son saw me making it, which was after he has been eating and liking it many times, he got very upset telling me that he would not eat that. But he did and still likes it…

Tip: by adding water and bouillon you easily turn this sauce into tomato soup. Kai’s favorite!


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