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Essex heights carnival 2015

On Saturday  the 21st we had a school carnival. There were lots of things to do.

One of the things was the Scrambler. It was a ride like an octopus where you sit in a sort of roller coaster seat and spins really fast. I was in it five times or more mostly with children from my class and once alone.

Another activity was the lob-a-choc. It’s a table made out of holes with chocolate on top. You have one dollar for three throws with coins of twenty cents. when the coin lands on a piece of chocolate then you get to keep the chocolate. And I won a chocolate bar. And my friend Zak won four chocolate bars and one bag of chocolate.


They also had an animal farm. In the animal farm there where lots of animals Chickens, Guinea pigs,lambs and more children could go in the cage where all the animals where together we where aloud to pet them.

animal farm
animal farm

I really enjoyed the day!

our class stall
We made this for our class stall.


Kai is ten and did not know English a year ago, now he is tri-lingual. He loves his scooter and his newly discovered sport: tennis.

11 thoughts on “Essex heights carnival 2015

  1. Schools holidays are just around the corner, you can ask your dad to take you to the Collingwood Children’s Farm to see the Cows, Horses, Goats, Sheep, Geese, Ducks, Chickens, Guinea Pigs and many more animals they have there

    Because of the age of the children an excellent investment is joining the Zoo club and you can visit the Zoo and hang out with your favourite animals as often as you like as well you can go as well unlimited times to the Healesville Sanctuary (, Melbourne Zoo ( and Werribee Open Range Zoo ( for 12 months. Kids under 15 years register for FREE on adult memberships.

    Free reciprocal entry to interstate zoos; Taronga Zoo (Sydney), Adelaide Zoo, Perth Zoo, Western Plains Zoo (NSW) and Monarto Zoo (SA).

    VIP member invites to new exhibits, experiences and special events.
    Great discounts and special offers on Zoo Twilights concert tickets (they are great).
    15% discount at all Zoo shops and 10% discount on selected behind-the-scenes experiences and school holiday programs.

    In a very similar fashion you can join and enjoy the museum of Victoria an you can see here what can be done

    And if you enjoy science you can find many old fossils very close to home—locations/

    Another excellent activity if at home they enjoy science it is with the Double Helix Science Club

    Well there many more activities for those interested, could be music, art, painting etc,



  2. Das ist ja eine tolle Sache! Kai schreibt seinen ersten Blog. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Auch das Piratenschatz-Schild ist gut. Hatte jede Klasse einen eigenen Stand? Liebe Grüße Opa


  3. Kai, het was heel erg leuk om jouw eerste blog te lezen over de kermis op school 🤓👍. Stonden er nog meer attracties op de kermis?

    Ik ben ook benieuwd naar jouw volgende blog 😉.

    Groeten .. Karin


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