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School excursion – term 4

What do you do when you get assigned a group of four boys and two girls, between 8-10 years old, to walk through a classical museum?

I swallowed, took a deep breath, desperately tried to memorise all names (o, why am I so bad at names again….) and gave it a go! After I joined Luka’s excusion to the Werribee Mansion last term, it was now time for me to join Kai’s excursion.

The last kid returned his permission slip that morning, then every one was ready to get into the bus and put our seat belts on.

Excusion bus
This was an interesting bus, it had five seats in the back. That together with the excitement of the kids made it look like we were in a roller coaster ride.

National Gallery of Victoria

National Gallery of Victoria
Getting out of the bus in front of the National Gallery of Victoria

I got assigned a group of four boys (including my own) and two girls. The teacher had prepared the trip really well. We received a booklet with routes that highlighted some of the paintings and provided extra information and questions. Had I been able to figure out the way the maps worked, find the designated paintings, keep all six children together and remember their names – all at the same time-, that probably would have been very helpful.

Luckily the museum is very big and there were different parts that easily kept it fascinating the whole morning. Although the museum guards seemed a bit more worried than I at times.

 'youth does musea'
My learning of this trip: this is the way ‘youth does musea’ nowadays. The phone is doing most of the work.

So, I survived the morning, but how are you keeping the spirit up after they all sat down for lunch? That turned out to be a lot easier then I thought, as the second part was a really cool and interactive part.

Making a radio commercial

After we had lunch we walked five minutes to The Channel, along the Yarra River. This is where they all made their own radio commercial.

The Channel Arts Centre
The Channel Arts Centre

The day before they had written their plots for the commercial they were going to make. In groups of two or three they recorded their own text, played around with it, put music and sounds effects into it.

Zoë explained what needed to be done
Zoe explained what needed to be done.
And then it was hands on.
And then it was hands on.

It is amazing how natural this all comes to the children. They only need very little explanation and they go for it. The result was very impressive.

I am promised to receive the recording, so as soon as I do I will add Kai and Brody’s very own radio commercial here.

Although I was exhausted (quick reminder why I did not want to become a teacher) it was a very rewarding day!


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

5 thoughts on “School excursion – term 4

  1. Es ist in der Tat beeindruckend, wie selbstverständlich die Kinder mit der Technik umgehen und ihren Radiospot machen. Ich kenne das noch mit Tonband-Maschine. Sehr viel aufwändiger. H.-W.


  2. Als leerkracht sta ik versteld van het aantal excursies dat er met de kinderen gedaan wordt! Echt superleuk! Probeer eens te achterhalen waar ze die pot met geld verstopt hebben. Ben wel benieuwd waar dat allemaal van betaald wordt… Dat zou ik hier ook wel willen 😁.
    Susan 😘


    1. Betalen de ouders, $ 30 per kind voor de kosten van het vervoer. En niemand die daar moeilijk over doet. Wat een verschil met Nederland, waar al een probleem gemaakt wordt van een jaarbijdrage van € 70 voor van alles….


  3. Wat weer een enorm leuke activiteit zeg en wat leuk, dat je er zo bij betrokken bent hè! Ja, ja, met kinderen werken is best intensief, ha,ha,ha. Heb de grootste bewondering voor onderwijzend personeel in deze tijd! Groetjes, Jan en Marijke


  4. Wat een leuke excursies worden er georganiseerd Willemijn! Hebben wij volgens mij hier niet gehad. Wat is het volgende dat op de planning staat?
    Liefs .. Karin


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