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School excursion to Werribee Park

This week was science week at school, which included an excursion day. The destination was different for all the grades. I got invited to join Luka’s school excursion to Werribee Mansion, which I happily accepted.

Two busses were waiting to transport all the 100 grade-two students, teachers and a couple of parents. Everybody got in, fastened their seatbelts and off we went. It was an hours drive to Werribee on the other side of Port Philipp Bay.

Walking around the extensive gardens was a leap back in time to the Victorian era. It was not hard to imagine how things were during that time. Luka would not mind living there and be able to run around the garden and climb all the trees.

gardens of Werribee Park
Walking through the gardens of Werribee Park, must have been a childs paradise
The cars of the 1800's
The ‘cars’ of the 1800’s

We had a guided tour of the washing room where the kids were allowed to actively participate in the washing. Which was enthusiastically accepted by the kids who now all want to do the washing and ironing back home!

tour of the washing room
The laundry lady was ging us a tour through the washing room
Hands on in the washing room
It was hands on in the washing rooom

We closed the day off with a tour by the very theatrical butler who guided us through the mansion which was built by the wealthy Chirnside family around 1877.

butler at werribee mansion
The butler really took us back in time while giving us a guided tour.

A very inspiring day at the Werribee Mansion and Park. We will definitely have to get back here for a picknick, as the garden is freely accessible and it is next to the Werribee Zoo where we have not been yet!

Blue tongue lizard
This blue tongue lizzard was just here to remind us that we are in Australia. They are friendly, but they are quite big (in my eyes at least. Although this one does not look big on the picture, it was hard to miss, as I think it was about 50 cm long).


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3 thoughts on “School excursion to Werribee Park

  1. Dus als ik het goed begrijp een klein OpenLucht museum. Zo te zien was het een gezellige boel. Wat heeft de klas van Kai ondernomen?
    Xx .. Karin


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