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Who reads our blog?

We basically started this Blog to keep friends, family and anyone interested posted about our life when we moved from Europe 2 Australia with our two children a bit over two months ago now.

Little did we know that there is a whole new world opening up to us in social media. The interaction is definitely something that gives it a whole new dimension.

The best example so far is that I received a message from a family today who are about to move from Melbourne to Tilburg (in the Netherlands) with their teens. They will be doing the direct opposite of what we did, as we lived in Tilburg. They have similar questions about their move as we did and are currently looking for a furnished house in Tilburg, which I could not provide them with, but I posted this on my Facebook page and this has already been shared by six people, so who knows what will come out!

Now we are curious about you.

Feel free to leave a comment behind!

What do you like/dislike about our Blog? Are you following it, or did you just browse over it today?

Give it a try, we changed the settings so now every one can leave a comment (in either English, Nederlands, or Deutsch).


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

10 thoughts on “Who reads our blog?

  1. Hi, I really like your blog and it helps me out a lot since we are moving to Melbourne in Feb or march this year.
    I found help with costs, where to live and about schools.
    we are in almost the same situation as you, two adults and a son 10 years old 🙂
    (we have two older girls at home in sweden)
    So all info is very relevant to us.
    btw, you found me at internations, thank you for that 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your reply! Did you find a place to live yet, or will you start searching when you are here? Good luck with the last preparations and before you know it you will be living in a really nice city. Let me know if you have any more questions, or if you want to meet up in Melbourne, once things have settled a bit for you guys.


      1. Thanks, I will let you know if I have any questions 🙂
        We don´t know where to live yet. We will start searching when we are there.
        Do you know any place for short time renting? Not to expensive 😉
        And we can´t look for schools until we know where to live, many choices 🙂
        I would love to meet you! I don´t know any person in Melbourne 🙂


  2. Quite an interesting blog you have here; I’ve been reading as we plan to move to Melbourne in 2016. If I remember correctly, your blog came up in my google search of ‘Melbourne vs. Brisbane’….lol.

    Now, I’m pretty convinced MEL is the direction. So there you go, my decision reinforced- thanks to you!!

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    1. Thanks for leaving us a reply. We can only recommend living in Melbourne! Although, secretely we also liked Brisbane a lot, especially for the outdoor possibilities there. We still have to discover a bit more of that around Melbourne. But then again, Melbourne really felt like coming home.


  3. Ik wil toch wel zeggen dat ik jullie persoonlijk een beetje ken…. vandaar dat ik jullie blok volg! Ik lees niet elke dag dus ik zalvend wel eens wat missen maar ik vind het leuk om te lezen hoe het jullie daar vergaat. Blijf zo doorgaan! Knuffel van ons. Xx

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  4. Ik sluit me volledig bij HW aan. We houden van jullie, missen jullie hier en willen graag al jullie avonturen volgen 😉😘🇦🇺
    Xx .. Karin


  5. Wir kennen Euch persönlich und sind sehr an Eurem Wohlergehen interessiert. Wir finden es total spannend, an Euren Erfahrungen ein wenig teilhaben zu dürfen.
    LG H.-W. und M.-D.


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