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We’re underway

We’re finally underway! We’ve packed our last bag, said our last good-byes and are now spending the night at the hotel close to Schiphol airport, so that we can check-in tomorrow morning and not have to fight with the rush-hour. There’s no way back, now.

The last few days have been pretty hectic. Getting the last little things out of the house and into the storage facility turned out to be a lot harder than we had anticipated. We just kept finding these little things everywhere, and it just would not stop. What started out with clearly and computer-labeled boxes, along the lines of “books of that and that author” or “dinner plates” turned into boxes with hand-written remarks like “stuff” and “even more books”. And everything took about twice as long as it should have.

Bottom line – the old 80:20 rule also hold true to packing up your household: packing up 80% of your stuff will take 20% of your time, while getting together the last 20% will take 80% of your time. Guess we should have know.

The most annoying part of the whole exercise, though, was finalizing the baggage we would take onto the airplane. On Monday it looked like everything was more or less under control. Think again. Turns out that some of those little things that we kept finding needed to go onto the plane with us as well. So I spent the entire morning taking apart some of the luggage again and doing some extensive re-packing.  And to get everything to fit, we’ve already mailed 25kg of stuff to ourselves and will be wearing about 4 layers of clothing onto the plane tomorrow.

We’re keeping out fingers crossed.

Re-packing half of the luggage is not as much fun as it sounds like.
Re-packing half of the luggage is not as much fun as it sounds like.

But now the die is cast, and there’s nothing more to do that have a shower, a beer and a good nights sleep. Tomorrow the plane will take us to lands far away and an unknown future.

Interesting Times!

4 thoughts on “We’re underway

  1. Hoffentlich gilt das Gewichtssystem von Singapur Airlines und ihr bekommt das alles mit. Alles Liebe H.-W. und M .-D.


  2. Goede vlucht en zorg dat jullie vannacht even goed slapen. .. wordt de komende dagen even anders! Groetjes de van meursjes


  3. We wensen jullie een goed reis toe en heel veel plezier Down Under 🇳🇱✈️🇦🇺! Liefs .. Rogér en Karin


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