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No ordinary school day

It is the last week of term three. The last week before the holidays start is a bit different, a lot more unusual things are happening. Today I got to experience an almost full day of school, so here is my adventures… Continue reading “No ordinary school day”

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After two months of school

The first term/quarter in Australia is almost over. Kai and Luka really like to go to school in the morning and come home happy in the afternoon. I find the progress amazing, we can see and hear big development in their English and in their confidence. Where Luka had problems reading anything two months ago, she now easily finishes an English book. More and more new words come out of their mouths and they ask a lot more questions. I find that a good sign, if you don’t understand anything it is hard to ask questions about it, where would you start? Continue reading “After two months of school”

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An impression of the first two school weeks

On Monday I had two singing children in the back of my car while we were driving to the Dutch language school. I am used to hearing Luka sing, but it was actually the first time that I heard Kai singing out loud. Apparently they like the emphasis that is put on music and singing here. It also gives me good vibes about the way the are cooping at their new school. Continue reading “An impression of the first two school weeks”