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No ordinary school day

It is the last week of term three. The last week before the holidays start is a bit different, a lot more unusual things are happening. Today I got to experience an almost full day of school, so here is my adventures…

This is what Luka’s schedule for today looked like:

school schedule for Monday
Luka’s school schedule for Monday.

The day started off with journal writing. In the first two weeks Luka had no clue what that meant, so her pages were awfully blank then. Free writng is a very challenging assignment for someone who came in class knowing yes, no and maybe. After week two Luka’s teacher asked if I could assist her, so I could translate what she had to do.

It is very common here that parents assist in class for various tasks. From helping with exchanging of the readers to assisting little groups in maths.

Today Luka is writing an almost full page of things she has done during the weekend or what she is looking forward to. And I am convinced that she will need need my help for much longer.

After the journal writing they went to choir, which gave me time to quickly go home to drive Oliver to the train station and change my clothing. Then I helped to prepare the setting of the tables for 100 children in the hall. The group two’s had an excursion to Weribee Mansion some weeks ago and now they had a tea time to close it off.

Preparing tea time
Preparing tea time for 100 students.

All the children got to dress up in style for tea time. One of the parents had made lemonade (made out of real lemons) and many more baked fresh scones. All 100 kids were quietly enjoying fresh scones with clotted cream and marmelade. The burn some of the sugar they all danced a heal tow riverdance’ together. Boys on the outside, girls on the inside.

River dancing to burn some suger
River dancing to burn some suger.

After lunchtime it was time for assembly. After calling out the students of the week and several other awards it was time for Luka’s lunchtime dance class to perform. Lunch time is one hour and some days activities are offered for those interested. You have to pay a fee to participate, but it is a good way to try out new things:

Dance group performing
Luka’s lunch time dance group performing at assembly

I can not believe that the first term is almost over already, but when I hear my children I do realise that they have learned so much already in these 10 weeks. This week they started to use English when they are talking to each other. Short sentences and expressions which they obviously use a lot at school while playing. It is still filled with many mistakes, but I find it very impressive just how flexible children are.


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3 thoughts on “No ordinary school day

  1. Zo te zien heeft Luka het wel naar haar zin op school. Hebben ze ook al wat meer contact met kinderen die bij jullie in de buurt wonen?

    Xx .. Karin

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